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How to Afford a Romantic Honeymoon

Visions of a tropical paradise may be dancing in your head post-wedding, but not all budgets can afford the Instagram-worthy luxury vacations that are thrown at newlyweds. We’ve already covered a few budget-friendly locations in past articles (see: ), but how can you maximize your experience or even, possibly, afford a dream destination? Whether your idea of romantic is a sun-soaked white sandy beach, or a snow-capped mountain resort, here’s what you can do to achieve the honeymoon of your dreams - and still have money to come home to.

Go All-Inclusive 🍹🌮

Resort pool

Hotels, meals, drinks, and activities add up quickly on any trip. You can cut out a lot of the uncertainty by choosing an all-inclusive resort. Sometimes places like these can get a bad rap, but as long as you read the reviews and do the proper research you’ll know what to expect. All-inclusives are extremely budget-friendly and take a huge amount of stress out of vacation planning. Knowing that your meals, drinks, lodging, and sometimes even excursions are all taken care of allows you to focus on what’s really important - relaxing!

Travel in the Off-Season ✈️🌴

The Eiffel Tower

Every destination has its off-season. For the Caribbean, it’s summer. For Europe, it’s winter. Prices in some places can drop to half of what they are during peak months! You’ll see and experience the same things you would any other time of year, just with different weather and maybe even less people!

Spend Less on the Wedding 💸💕

Bride and groom

If you value travel over a big white wedding and extravagant party, this is a valid option. There are so many ways to make a wedding less expensive - we won’t get into all of them here, but we will say that one big price point you can save on are the rings. The cost of a diamond ring could get you several nights in a nice hotel, dozens of meals in an exotic restaurant, and even a round trip international flight (or two).

While you’re thinking about rings, take a look at our travel ring options.

Ask for Contributions to a “Honeymoon Fund” Instead of Gifts 💰🎁

Honeymoon fund

Image Credit: Pinterest

Who needs 3 blenders and a salad spinner when you can travel? If the idea of a traditional wedding registry doesn’t thrill you, or you already have everything you need for your new life as a married couple, consider asking for donations to a honeymoon fund. You could end up with enough to upgrade your hotel room, or even choose a new destination altogether!

There are more ways to afford travel and honeymoons, but these suggestions are a good place to start. Just remember, every trip is a luxury when you’re accompanied by someone you love!