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How to Afford Your Dream Honeymoon

If you’re more excited about your honeymoon than you are your wedding, you’re not alone! Many soon-to-be brides who love to travel are excited to take that first trip with their partner as Mr. & Mrs. If you’re not careful however, the honeymoon budget can be put on the back burner amidst all of the wedding craze. Here are a few tips on how you can afford your dream honeymoon!

1. Start a separate honeymoon savings as soon as the big question has been popped (or even earlier!)

Couple in front of ocean

Right after the proposal, you may immediately start thinking about a venue, your dress, and all of the other glamorous but expensive aspects of your wedding. While you might have wedding savings already underway, keep the honeymoon as its own separate entity so it doesn’t get lumped into the wedding budget. Keep the two savings separate in order to better budget your income.

2. Opt for an inexpensive engagement ring & wedding bands.

Married couple's hands wearing wedding rings

Ring: The Queen, The Inferno

Let’s put things into perspective, shall we? According to a study by The Knot, the average engagement ring in the US is $5,900. But it doesn’t end there! The national average for the bride’s wedding band is another $1,417 and the groom’s, albeit cheaper, is still over $500. Altogether that equates to almost $8,000 on rings alone!

There are stunning wedding sets available for purchase for under $300 – that’s the engagement ring and both wedding bands, leaving you with about $7,700 leftover if you were to have shelled out the average cost originally. Don’t believe us? Check out the full collection at Modern Gents and browse for yourself! Could you do your dream honeymoon for $7,700? We think so!

3. Ask for honeymoon funds instead of gifts at the wedding.

Couple traveling

When you’re sending out invites, make a note that kindly suggests ‘no gifts’! Instead, ask for monetary donations that will go towards your honeymoon. When you phrase it as funds for your honeymoon rather than straight up ‘money only’, you’re sure to receive much more than you would have otherwise. Set up a labeled box on the table where you normally would have had the gifts and let people donate!

4. Travel during off-season!

Couple outside in the snow

No matter where you travel, places are divided into two parts: peak season and off season. Peak season is the most expensive time to travel, while off season is typically the cheapest. This is usually due to weather conditions. Generally, peak season is during the summer months while off season happens during the fall and winter. If you don’t mind monsoons or colder weather, consider booking your honeymoon during the slower travel seasons.

5. Plan a ‘later-noon’ instead

Couple on a cliff overlooking ocean

Who says you need to take your honeymoon right after you get married? Give yourself a few months (or more!) to keep saving money for your trip. You should spend your honeymoon as relaxed and comfortable as possible, so taking your honeymoon later down the road will allow you to tie up any loose ends and gather some extra money you otherwise wouldn’t have had!

However you choose to go about it, affording your dream honeymoon is definitely possible! Don't stress yourself out and remember that this is a trip to celebrate your love as newlyweds – enjoy it no matter your budget. Happy travels! ✈️💕