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How to Choose Your Maid of Honor

Choosing a maid of honor can be one of the most special parts of your wedding planning process. can also be one of the most stressful.

You love all your friends, and you don’t want anyone to end up with hurt feelings or for there to be any misunderstandings. If you’re having a bit of trouble making this important decision, here are five tips to help make it easier!

Consider Your Bridesmaid’s Strengths


It’s difficult to consider your friends’ strengths and weaknesses. However, you’re going to have to in this situation. Think of how each friend behaves under pressure. Will she rise to the occasion, or flake when the going gets tough?

While it might seem harsh, it may be beneficial to make a pros and cons list with each of your bridesmaids. This will help you get one step closer to figuring out who’s best suited for the job.

Make Sure They Can Handle The Responsibility

Bride drinking next to bridesmaids

Before you ask this person to be your maid of honor, make sure they can handle the responsibility. Being the maid of honor takes up a lot of time and money, and it’s not something just anyone can take on.

You need to check and see if they will have the time to be there to help you make big decisions. They will also have a big role in planning out bride related events. If they can’t afford to make time in their schedule, you may have to go with someone else.

Choose A Family Member

Bride and bridesmaids holding balloons

You may feel like your best friends are your sisters, but your real sister will always be by your side. Some friendships may feel like they’ll last a lifetime, but your sister’s definitely will.

It may also be wise to choose a sibling or family member if you have a close group of girlfriends. Everyone will understand if you choose family, and this can help to avoid any catfights that may break out.

Don’t Be Limited By Gender

Man in a tuxedo suit

Who says that your maid of honor has to be “maid.” You can always have your best guy friend or brother in your wedding as your “bridesman.” 

He can always coordinate the color of his suit to your dresses, or have a little fun with his tie. It’s your wedding, so all rules are out the door! Do what you want!

Avoid Feeling Pressured

Bride and bridesmaids dresses

You shouldn’t feel pressured into choosing someone to be your maid of honor simply because they chose you for theirs. Every wedding is different, and every bridal party is different.

At the end of the day, your maid of honor is your decision. No one else. So pick who you want, and have the best time with them by your side!

How did you choose your maid of honor? Was it a smooth decision? Let us know down below!


  • Mary Rutherford

    My choice for maid of honor was an easy one. I don’t have any sisters and my best friend is the closest thing I have to a sister. We grew up together and have known each other since the 2nd grade. I couldn’t have chosen anyone else.