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How to Digitally Declutter During Quarantine

If you’ve cleaned out your living space, your closets, and even your car – don’t think that the declutter ends there!

We live in a digital world and that comes with digital clutter. When was the last time you cleaned out your phone, tablet, or laptop? (We’re looking at you, person with 75 unorganized files on your desktop!)

While a digital declutter may feel overwhelming, if you take it step-by-step like we’ve laid out, it’ll be an absolute breeze!

1. Sort through apps & programs first.

Hand holding smartphone

    Take a look at all of the apps on your devices. If there are any you no longer use, get rid of them. Once you’ve gotten rid of the ones you don’t need, organize them to your liking. A good way is to categorize them by type such as social media apps, delivery and rideshare apps, shopping apps, etc. Putting apps into categories can keep your phone looking tidy, as well as help you find whichever app you need quickly.

    2. Delete old messages and unsubscribe from unnecessary SMS subscriptions.

    Text message

    If you’re the type of person who hoards messages, it’s time to delete and let go. Keep the sentimental message threads, but delete anything that’s been sitting in your inbox for a while. Take the time to also unsubscribe from any SMS alerts that you’re no longer interested in and minimize the amount of texts you’ll get that’ll clutter up your messages.

    3. Delete screenshots and photo duplicates.

    Woman looking at photos on laptop

      Screenshots take up a huge chunk of our photos, and most of the time we leave them sitting there for months (if not longer). Scroll through your photo albums and delete any saved screenshots you no longer need, as well as any duplicates of photos you may have. You only need one good photo – not the 5 others that are only slightly different!

      4. Clean out your contacts list and people you follow/are friends with on social media.

      Phone on Instagram login page

      We all have people who we no longer speak to still listed in our contacts list or cluttering up our social media feed. Whether that was a first date that didn’t go well or a person you randomly met in a bar that one time you visited a distant city, if they aren’t important in your life and you have no interest in what they post, delete them and keep a tidy contacts + following/friends list!

      5. Clean out your email inbox.

      Woman writing email

        Are you notorious for having a huge amount of unread emails in your inbox? It’s time to bite the bullet and start mass-deleting! As you’re going through your inbox(es), unsubscribe from emails from brands you no longer care about or shop from. The less emails you have coming in, the less you have to delete in the future!

        6. Delete, move, and organize your files into your digital storage and/or external hard drive.

        Laptop and tech accessories

          After deleting any files you no longer need, move whatever you want to keep to a digital storage and/or an external hard drive. We recommend both for security, as either one can corrupt. Moving files off your device frees up your storage and keeps it tidy!

          7. Finally, delete your trash!

          Computer keyboard

            Don’t forget to empty out your digital trash can! If you don’t clear it out, your storage won’t free up and all of the files you giddily deleted will still be on your device.

            Now celebrate with a drink and an obligatory selfie!

            You just spruced up your digital world and it should feel very rewarding. Digital clutter is often something we don’t think too much about, but it’s just as important to keep clean as your living space.

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