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How to Match Bridal Jewelry to Your Rose Gold Wedding Ring

Here at Modern Gents, we know a little bit about style -- and with confidence, we can tell that brides who choose rose gold wedding rings definitely do too.

Rose gold bands exploded on the market and honestly, we couldn’t be happier. They’re just unique enough that they stand out from the crowd, but still give off the timeless, classic vibe we love. If you choose a rose gold engagement ring and wedding set, we applaud you! Now, we’re here to help you match the rest of your bridal jewelry to them for your big day. Learn 4 ways to incorporate rose gold bridal accessories below!

The Necklace


Rose gold is all about simplicity and works best as an accent piece, emphasizing those small, beautiful traits that otherwise go unnoticed. Because of that, we love anything delicate when it comes to bridal necklaces. Let your dress steal the show, while a rose gold bar, fine chain, or tiny pendant simply help shine the spotlight where it belongs.  

The Earrings

Bride and groom

The general rule of thumb is to wear drop earrings or a necklace, but not both. To keep your jewelry from getting too busy and drawing attention away from your face, there’s nothing more timeless than simple stud earrings. Fashion forward brides can explore the trend of rose gold crawlers or opt for rose gold studs with stones for little extra sparkle on your wedding day. Our Ritz and Duet earrings are simple, yet sparkle like no other! 

The Bracelet

Bride and groom

Choosing the right bracelet is another way to add some shimmer and shine to your rose gold bridal jewelry. A rose gold tennis bracelet will always be understated and elegant, but you can also get creative with something a bit more meaningful. A bracelet stamped with your new initials, the wedding date, or even a lyric from your first dance song can tie together your look and get daily wear for years to come. 

The Hairpiece 

Bride wearing headpiece

The perfect headpiece to match your rose gold wedding ring is out there, but finding it isn’t always easy. Our tip? Buy a few that you like and bring them all to the salon on your wedding day. Then your stylist can help you decide which works best with your bridal look and you can return the rest!

What Bridal Jewelry Will You Choose?

Mix and match rose gold bridal accessories to find the perfect bridal set for your look. Whether you’re looking for delicate accent necklaces, rose gold studs, custom bracelets or a flawless hairpiece, this advice will help you match the perfect bridal jewelry to your rose gold wedding ring on your big day! Don't forget to check out our stunning selection of affordable rose gold engagement and wedding rings to mark the next chapter in your life. ✨✨