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How to Prep For Your Proposal

Whether you are asking the big question or accepting it, getting engaged is one of the biggest events in your life!

Of course, since the decision to get engaged takes a lot of thought, it makes sense that the proposal would also take some planning. Here are some tips to prep for your proposal, for those who are asking and those getting asked.

For Proposing

1. Do not overspend on the ring

One of the most important factors of planning the proposal is getting the ring, and more importantly, not overspending on the ring. Modern Gents offers affordable engagement rings that come in a variety of designs and shapes. They also offer wedding rings for both men and women, as well as wedding jewelry. Going into the proposal with an affordable and beautiful ring that you know she’ll love, will make all the difference.

The Belle

Ring: The Belle

2. Pick the location

Choosing the setting for the proposal is another key factor in planning it. You have to decide if you want to propose in front of a lot of people, or just the two of you. You could propose somewhere scenic, or maybe a location that is special to the two of you. These are important decisions to think about before the proposal.

The Lovely

Ring: The Lovely

3. Plan what to say

You need to know what you want to say before you propose. Maybe you just want to get the question out as soon as possible. Or maybe you want to say a few words first. Or, maybe you don’t know what you want to say. Whether you are going to give a short speech beforehand, or just getting right down to the question, knowing what to say beforehand can help calm your nerves and help you go into the proposal feeling more confident.

The Sadie and The I Do

Rings: The Sadie, The I Do

Being Proposed To

1. Get a manicure

If you have a feeling that you are getting proposed to soon, or if you know it for a fact, you will want your hands to look amazing! You will probably take pictures showing off your ring, so making sure your hands look good is a must. Whether you simply paint your nails, or have a professional manicure, getting this done is essential before the proposal.

The Grace and The Eternity

Rings: The Grace, The Eternity

2. Plan your pictures

While it's always a good idea to have someone take pictures of the actual proposal, it's also a good idea to plan your shots for after the event.  You will want some of the ring of course, but also make sure to have some of the two of you. Planning out the pictures in advance will save time and ensure you get the pictures you really want from the day.

The Queen

Ring: The Queen

3. Know your answer

This is definitely not a time to hesitate on your reply! Getting married is a very big deal, so it's important to be very sure of your answer.  You wouldn’t want to have to say no because you didn’t think it through beforehand. Make sure you can say yes with all of your heart, and then, celebrate! Getting engaged is wonderful, and it's a time to celebrate and be happy.

The Sadie and The Star Light
Rings: The Sadie, The Star Light