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How to Style Modern Gents Accessories

While we’ve made a name for ourselves in the wedding ring world by designing beautiful, affordable rings that make it easy to say “I do", we didn’t want to stop there! We’ve expanded into accessories for brides―and for everyday wear! Who says you need a special occasion to put on some sparkle? Here are some of our favorite pieces and how to style them:

The Ariel

Woman wearing The Ariel

When you’re after the classic Audrey Hepburn look, pearls are always a good idea. The Ariel takes it a step further by adding a little marquise-cut bling in a floral shape to make them just right for everyday wear and formal occasions alike.

To Style: You know we’re going to suggest a little black dress. How could we not? Keep it classy when you’re showing off these earrings, and keep your colors neutral. Black and white both make pearls stand out, and if you finish off your look with a chic bun, you’re golden.

These tips can also apply to The Pearl and, of course, The Audrey.

The Celine

Woman wearing The Celine

You might think something this fancy has to be reserved for a wedding or a party. But The Celine fits in everywhere! The half carat simulated diamond nestled within interwoven infinity symbols is eye-catching without being flashy. You could save it for a black tie event, but that wouldn’t be fair to The Celine.

To Style: Start with a neckline that gives this necklace space to shine. Sweetheart, Scoop, and V-necklines are the obvious choices.Don’t limit that to dresses, though! A pretty blouse does this accessory justice, and you can pair it with tailored jeans to keep the casual factor.

The Harmony can also be styled this way.

The Halo

Gemstone rings

Okay, so technically these are engagement rings. But you don’t have to be getting married to wear our rings! If you’ve been drooling over one (or all) of our designs but you’re not engaged, throw convention out the window. You are, after all, your greatest commitment. Why not make it official?

To Style: Wear The Halo all day, every day, with any outfit. With 6 stone options, you could even get one of each and wear a different style nearly every day of the week! We certainly wouldn’t judge.

This styling tip goes for all of our rings. Don’t feel like you have to have a date set before you can wear something you love. And if you already have a ring but see something that catches your eye, don’t even hesitate! There’s no rule that says you can only have one ring.
Life is short. Wear what you want.