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How to Throw a Wedding Reception to Remember
Wedding receptions can vary dramatically based on the couple. Whether it’s a quick intimate gathering or a huge bash that goes all night, there are lots of ways to make a reception stand out. This can be small things like a unique party favor, or larger things, like having a live painter at the event to capture the evening. The key is to think outside the box to entertain the guests that came to celebrate your special day. Incorporate these three elements for a memorable wedding reception party! 💍

Incorporate a fun theme

Wedding reception venue

Image Credit: BookBub 

One way to make a lasting impression is to have a unique theme for your wedding/reception. Perhaps Ancient Greece is your passion, or you can’t get enough classic literature. Turn it into a theme! Maybe you love the Kentucky Derby or Fairy Tales, or Harry Potter, or something on the more unglamorous side, like camping! Think about what you and your partner love and put that at the center or your wedding; the unique elements will follow. People won’t forget a groom in chainmail riding a horse up to the altar or an invitation that requests a hat to be worn in true Derby style.

So. Many. Activities!

Floating lantern lights

Giving guests fun and unique things to do at your reception also will set it apart from the crowd. Create a piñata for guests to drop a note in. When your 1 year anniversary rolls around, break it open and read all the sweet things people wrote to you. Alternately, have a piñata for guests to break open at the reception! Have a large canvas set up with with paint filled balloons attached. Guests can embrace their competitive sides taking turns trying to pop the balloons with darts and you a get a piece of art to remember your special day. Once it’s dark, gather the guests outside and set off floating lanterns into the sky. A beautiful sight to see from the ground; this is definitely something guests will tell their friends about. 

Pro Tip: Floating Lanterns are not legal in all states, so check your state's laws before adding this to your reception plan. 

#Instaworthy Food  

Table of party food

For many people, the food is the main event at a reception. Changing up what you serve or how you serve it is a great way to get people talking about the evening. If you choose a unique theme, keep the food in line with it to add some extra oomph to your event. People are impressed when all the pieces of the day fit together perfectly. Food can be another way to get guests involved in the event! Set up a DIY grilled cheese buffet. DIY bars give your guests a fun activity and also allow them to customize their food to their liking. This is great for them and relieves the stress of serving food that accommodates ever varying food preferences. Set up a DIY coffee station, spud bar, or even a pickle bar! Make it something you love, even if it feels a bit crazy.

Pro Tip: Your guests won’t want to do all the work, so keep their involvement light so they don’t feel like it’s all on them.

Food truck

Not feeling the DIY bar idea? Make the food memorable by thinking outside the box. Hire some food trucks to park next to your reception venue or have multiple chef stations set up around with all different styles of foods prepared on demand. 

Wedding guests
The more elements to a reception, the more expensive it can get, and the more stress it can add to your lives. You don’t have to have 10 unique elements or break the bank to have people talking about your wedding for weeks to come. Even just one stand out piece to a reception can give a it the lasting mark you’re hoping for. Get creative and have fun! 🎉