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The Helpful Guide to Writing a Marriage Proposal

Let’s be real. Asking a woman to marry you is hard. It’s scary. It’s exhilarating. It’s all the feels and sometimes, we can be at a loss for words on how to go about it. Sharing one’s thoughts and emotions takes courage. What can really help you find the courage you need is preparation. 

While it might sound a little silly at first, there’s simply no better way to increase your confidence and give you the reassurance you need to propose to your future wifey. By writing a wedding proposal letter ahead of time, you can think hard on exactly what you want to say to her and how to say it best, in a way that’s authentic and romantic and heartfelt. Let’s call it your roadmap to success! Below we’ve created a guide on our top tips on how to write a marriage proposal. 

How to Write a Wedding Proposal

Start with How You Feel

Writing out what you want to say is a great first step when planning the different things you have to do before you propose. When it comes to learning how to write a marriage proposal letter, always lead with how much you love her and how much she means to you. While you could probably ponder all the reasons you love her all day long, you only need to focus on a few for your marriage proposal. There are a lot of different ways to tell someone how much you love them. Don’t feel like you have to be overly flowery or hokey just to tick all the “romance” boxes or say something wildly extravagant or outlandish. Sometimes simple, heartfelt, and authentic it best, especially when planning the perfect proposal.

Weave in Memories of When You First Met 

No one’s story is perfect, but your story is perfect for you. It reveals quirks and layers to your relationship that is uniquely your own and makes great material to include when you go to pop the big question. Even if there are bits about your story that aren’t exactly what you might deem romantic, they are important to YOUR relationship. Remember that your marriage proposal is something you will both remember and retell for years to come, maybe even to your grandkids someday. It’s good to add memories about how you met to your proposal plan!

Weave in Common Goals You Both Share

There are almost always things you both have in common that you share a love for. Maybe you have similar goals in life, maybe you both love collecting stamps, or maybe you just love something in particular about her that you’re in awe of, and you wish you could be more like her in that regard. Perhaps it’s something she has no idea you admire her for, which is even better because it will be a romantic surprise when you tell her!

Weave in Something Vulnerable You’ve Never Told Her 

The history of marriage proposals has always involved expressing to the partner how much you care for them and how much you want to share a life with them. There’s nothing that melts a girl’s heart quite like her guy being totally open and vulnerable, sharing something he’s never shared before with anyone else. Especially if it’s something specific about her or your relationship together and how you feel about her. You could share how hard it hit you the first time she told you she loved you, or what you felt the moment you first met her. 

You could share what you thought and how you felt on some other moment in your relationship that was important to you both, something she didn’t know or suspect. Authenticity and vulnerability are big winners in a marriage proposal, so don’t be afraid to brainstorm some ideas on things you can share with her that you’ve never told her before. Yes, it may be uncomfortable, but guess what? Anything in life worth having is going to make you a wee bit uncomfortable. Do it anyway.

Wind Up to the Big Question 

Obviously your marriage proposal will end in you popping the question, but why not share something about why you are looking forward to getting married? Why do you choose her to be your forever girl? Why do you want to spend your life with her? Some men never intend to get married until they meet a girl that totally changes their perspective. Some men dream of getting married and starting their own family (secretly of course) but aren’t sure it will happen for them until they end up meeting the right girl. Share your perspective and where you’re coming from and give her a great reason on why you want to marry her so badly. Convince her that you simply can’t imagine your future without her and ask her to be your wife forever. It will be a heart-melting moment for sure! 

Marriage is a big step. Writing a marriage proposal helps to make that step seem slightly less daunting because you have a better idea of what you want to say to the woman you love and adore. Then it’s just a matter of setting the stage, finding an affordable wedding ring, and creating that perfect moment!