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Important Things to Do After You Get Married

The ceremony was beautiful and your honeymoon was everything you’ve dreamed of. Although you might still be floating on cloud nine, eventually it'll be time to get back to reality. However, don’t settle into your normal day-to-day routine before you complete these to-dos!

1. Send out your Thank You’s.

Woman writing thank you card

    The last thing you want to do after getting back from a lazy honeymoon is to send out a bunch of handwritten notes out to your wedding guests, especially if you invited a large number of people. However, don’t put this off! The general rule of thumb is to have everything sent out before your two month anniversary. An easy way to tackle this? Either set aside a whole weekend to knock them out at once, or do a few every day as you watch an episode from your favorite show!

    2. Write reviews for all of your vendors.

    Wedding table setup

      Great reviews are like gold for businesses! These are the people who helped create your dream wedding into a reality after all. A helpful tip: include photos with your reviews! These are sure to boost their business, and your vendors can also use them for social media marketing if you give them the okay. If you want to go the extra mile, check out this blog post on ways to thank your wedding vendors.

      3. Create your wedding album.

      Wedding photo album

        Although it can be overwhelming with the amount of pictures you’re sure to have, if you don’t make this a priority, the years will zip by and you’ll still be sans-wedding album! This will be very time consuming, so don’t get frustrated if you’re still not done within a couple of hours. Start off by separating the bad pictures (such as bad angles or people with their eyes closed), then arrange the photos in chronological order, starting with getting ready and ending with the reception. Pick out your favorites and arrange accordingly!

        4. Change your name.

        Bride and groom wedding chairs

        While you probably changed your Instagram and Facebook name the night of your honeymoon, you still need to change your last name legally. The three major ones to do right away are your social security card, your license, and your bank accounts. 

        5. Settle up your money, honey.

        Person writing

          Assuming you and your spouse have already discussed the finances before even walking down the aisle (which is very important, by the way), now all you have to do is follow through with it. As soon as you can, head down to your bank and get everything straightened out. It’s tedious and mundane, but very important!

          6. Avoid the post-wedding blues and plan something exciting!

          Couple in pool

            Post-wedding blues are real, and they affect many new brides all over the world. In order to avoid them, plan something that you and your spouse can look forward to! It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, either. You can plan a dinner party with some of your closest friends, or maybe a romantic weekend beach getaway a few months down the road. Whatever you plan, it'll keep you busy and excited for something in the future!

            Bonus: Did you know you can switch up your engagement ring and wedding bands?

            Woman's hand holding The Daisy and The Zoey

            Rings: The Zoey, The Daisy

            Keep your ring finger stylish and trendy! The latest trend that's here to stay is affordable engagement rings and wedding bands for you and your partner. You can change up your look every day depending on how you feel, without having to spend a ton of money. Switching up your rings can keep that 'newlywed' feeling going on for as long as you're married!

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            Wedding rings

            Ring: The Hammer, The Grace, The Evermore, The Excalibur

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