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Is a Destination Wedding Right For You?

If you’ve been dreaming of a wedding in the mountains of Switzerland or the beaches of Ireland, then you’re no stranger to the idea of a destination wedding. 

As with any wedding, there’s a lot to consider when deciding where you should get married. If you’re on the fence about what to do, we’ve put together three pros and cons to help you make the right decision. 


Smaller Guest List

A destination wedding automatically cuts out a portion of your guest list. Your guest list will only consist of close family and friends who love you enough to make the trip. 

Instead of trying to decide where those distant aunts or friendly co-workers should sit, you can spend your time on more important wedding decisions.

Smaller Guest List Destination Wedding Advice Tips Tricks How To Pros Cons

Complete Package

If you’re worried about all the moving parts of a wedding, choosing a resort that offers you an all-inclusive package takes all the stress off of you. The resort will take care of food, flowers, set-up, take down, and more! 

They will have a point person making sure that everything is ready on time and done to your liking. All you’ll have to do is show up, look pretty, and say “I do!”

Complete Package Destination Wedding Advice Tips Tricks How To Pros Cons

Built-in Honeymoon

A lot of couples choose to honeymoon at the same location as their wedding! While you can get to your destination earlier in the week and explore, the stress of your wedding probably won’t have you kicking back on the beach all day. 

After the wedding is over and you can exhale, you’ll be able to appreciate the scenery and activities so much more!

Honeymoon Included Destination Wedding Advice Tips Tricks How To Pros Cons


International Red Tape

Planning a wedding is already complicated, but it gets taken up a notch when you take it overseas. There might be language barriers, forms to fill out, and legal regulations to consider. 

You may have to apply for visas for some countries and make sure you can legally get married there if you aren’t citizens. Depending on your location, it might be helpful to have a local photographer or vendor who can help you navigate these waters. 

Legal Foreign Regulations Included Destination Wedding Advice Tips Tricks How To Pros Cons

Some People Won’t Make It

While your wedding helps to narrow down your guest lists, everyone might not be able to make it. There are more expenses with a destination wedding, and some of your guests may not be in a financial position to afford to travel. 

Older family members may not be able to sit on a plane for 9+ hours. You’ll have to consider your family and friends’ situations before committing to a destination wedding.

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Honeymoon Crashers

While you can spend your honeymoon at your wedding location, your friends and family may have the same idea. There’s nothing less romantic than sharing a hot tub or spa day with your aunt and uncle two days after you’ve said your vows.

To avoid this, plan to honeymoon in a different town than your guests, or move to another resort. You might even be able to make it clear to your guests where you’ll be and hope they get the hint ;)

Honeymoon Crashers Family Destination Wedding Advice Tips Tricks How To Pros Cons


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