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Is An Affordable Wedding Ring Right For You?

Did you know that the Modern Gents offer affordable wedding and engagement rings for brides and grooms? Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a wedding band is no longer your only option! While tradition stands that you purchase your partner a ridiculously expensive ring as a token of your unconditional love, the trend of frugal wedding ring decisions are on the rise. As you get deeper into planning your dream day, you may find yourself asking if an affordable wedding band is right for you. Luckily, we have all the answers right here. Read about two reasons affordable engagement rings are the right option for you!

An affordable wedding band may be right for you if… 

You Value Experiences Over Material Things 🗺

Are you a born adventurer? Do you love to get out and see the world? If so, an affordable wedding band may be right for you because it means you can save more money for the fun stuff… like your honeymoon! 

Man holding woman's hand

Material things only make us happy in the short term. The online magazine Entrepreneur explains it further: “the excitement of that new car, iPhone or furniture set will quickly fade into the background as they become a part of our daily lives. Experiences, like traveling, attending an art exhibit or trying a new restaurant become a part of our identity, which brings us greater satisfaction.”

Memories last a lifetime and choosing a high-quality wedding band that won’t break the bank just means you have the money to make more of them.

You’re Throwing a Wedding on a Budget 💰

CNN reports that “the average cost of an American wedding was $35,329 in 2016.” If that sounds way out of your price range, don’t worry.

Bride and groom

When your wedding is being planned on a tight budget, a great way to cut costs is with an affordable wedding ring from Modern Gents. Just because a ring doesn’t break the bank doesn’t mean that it isn’t beautiful, and we offer gorgeous silver, gold, and rose gold rings for prices that won't cost you an arm and a leg!

For many of us, the ceremony and reception are more important than the jewelry we use on the big day. Now, you can purchase an affordable and high-quality wedding band from Modern Gents and save extra money for the dress, catering, venue and more that will make your dream wedding a reality. ✨

Explore Affordable Options from Modern Gents! 💍

Do you prefer experiences over things? Are you planning a wedding on a budget? If so, an affordable engagement ring or wedding band from Modern Gents is definitely right for you. Explore our options and save money for the things that really matter when you purchase a high-quality wedding band that doesn’t break the bank! 💸