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If you’re like most people, your engagement ring is your most important and symbolic piece of jewelry. It signifies the enduring connection between you and your partner and the commitment that you have made to each other. And as hard as you try to keep it safe, losing an engagement ring is still a common occurrence and a real possibility. And it can be heartbreaking. That’s why we assembled these tips to help you find your lost engagement ring.  

1. Stay Calm

When we’re stressed, science tells us we become narrowly focused, often make poor decisions and even inhibit our own ability to see our surroundings. Staying calm, however, will help ensure your optimal vision and ability to think clearly and logically. Each of these attributes could play an important role in suggestions two through seven that will give you the best chance possible to find your ring.

2. Don’t Keep This to Yourself

Your stress will only worsen every minute you carry this burden by yourself, especially if you’re afraid to tell your fiancé, husband or family. But chances are, they’ll understand, be fully supportive and help be a part of the solution. The more people who know, the larger your search party becomes and the easier it’ll be to trace your steps. For this reason, also tell your friends, family and colleagues whom you’ve recently spent time with. And consider posting a message to your local community’s Facebook page and placing a “lost” ad in your town’s newspaper (yes, people still do that). 

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3. Backtrack 

Try to think logically. When was the last time you distinctly remember having your ring seeing it, touching it, being conscious of its presence? From there, determine every place you’ve been, inside and outside, writing them down chronologically. If you were inside, look carefully on the ground, behind and under furniture and in between couch cushions. If you walked outside, rewalk the exact route. If you went to a restaurant or another public building, call ahead to ask if anyone has found a ring. If nobody has, ask to stop by to further retrace your steps or leave your name and contact information in case it shows up. If your ring potentially went down a drain, call a plumber, landlord or manager who can help.

4. Contact Your Local Police or Pawn Shop 

Consider calling your local police department. It’s not uncommon for lost wallets or other valuable items to be found by others and given to the police. And if you think your ring might have been stolen, you should immediately file a police report. One of the first things that the police will do is check their database for potentially lost or stolen items that end up at pawn shops. Thankfully, pawn shops are required by law to gather background information, including ID, from those trading items for cash. If that is where your ring ended up, there’s a decent chance it can be recovered — if you act quickly.  

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5. Contact a Ring Finder

Did you know there’s a company called The Ring Finders dedicated to finding lost jewelry? According to their website, The Ring Finders are “an online directory of metal detecting specialists” who scour “beaches, parks, lakes and yards” to help people find lost jewelry, no matter where they live. The site claims to have made thousands of discoveries worth millions of dollars. In other words, they’re worth a shot! 

6. File an Insurance Claim

If you have ring insurance, that’s excellent news! Immediately file a claim and the likelihood is that you’ll be covered. Insurance providers know that people lose, misplace or have their rings stolen in any number of ways. You can therefore have peace of mind knowing that with insurance, a lost ring shouldn’t turn into a financial loss as well. And if you are fortunate enough to find your ring, you can simply cancel your claim.  

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7. Get a Temporary Ring

Fortunately, the mission of Modern Gents is to design high-quality and affordable engagement rings. A temporary ring is no doubt an inconvenience and cost you didn’t wish to incur. But at Modern Gents, engagement rings are hand-crafted in the latest designs and styles, so your wedding guests won’t see a new ring, only a beautiful one. Looking for something more modern? You can also explore our selection of comfortable-to-wear silicone wedding rings that are great to wear in place of your engagement ring during multiple activities. 

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We hope you do find your engagement ring or are never in the situation described above. But if you are, this advice could help you achieve the best outcome possible and if it doesn’t, we will gladly be a part of your solution. 

Something for the Future

One of the primary culprits for lost rings are bands that don’t adequately fit. That’s why it’s a good idea to periodically get your ring resized if necessary. And if you plan on losing weight for your wedding, a ring guard is an affordable option now that could save a lot of angst later. After all, engagement rings may be symbols of — not reasons for — love and commitment in a relationship. But their loss can be no less painful and no less worthy of our efforts to protect.  

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