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Making Holiday Traditions: Memories to Last a Lifetime
It feels like fall has just arrived, but the holiday season is quickly approaching! Starting some traditions with your partner will bring you closer together and make the season bright for you both! Whether it’s your first holiday season together or your fifth, it’s never too late to start new traditions. Discover 5 ways to start building family holiday traditions below to start!

Set Intentions 📝

Journal calendar

Start the tradition to sit down with your partner and decide what you want the holiday season to look like. You may have different ways of celebrating, or be celebrating different things. Do you want to say yes to anything and everything? Or, do you want to be very selective? Are there specific things you want to make sure you do? Or, do you want to let the entire season be spontaneous? Talking about your expectations and then creating a plan will help avoid confusion and also keep the season from feeling overwhelming. Deciding in advance will also help you say no if need be when you get invited to things. This many mean you end up disappointing some people, but setting boundaries earlier rather than later will make your life easier in the long run.

Create an Official Start to the Holiday Season 🎉

People holding sparklers

Mark the start of whatever holidays you celebrate with something you love! Put in your favorite holiday movie and settle in with a wintery snack. Order food in and do your decorating. Go to a holiday market and sip something warm as you walk the booths. Go to your favorite ice cream place and indulge! Go to a football game. Create an “Opening Ceremonies” of the season marked with something special to you!

Bake Something 🥧


Nothing says the holidays like baking! There are lots of traditional holiday baked goods, but don’t feel required to stick to them. The best part of a tradition is that it's yours, so pick something you love to bake (or eat) and share it with the people you love. Go a step further and drop some off at a soup kitchen to give back.

Skip Presents and Gift Each Other Preplanned Dates 🥂

Smiling couple

Get creative and plan out (and pay for in advance if possible) a full date for you and your partner. But the tickets, get any required items, even buy a gift card for a restaurant ahead of time. If everything is already paid for you won’t put it off or even forget about it in the end. Give each other all the materials together or keep it a surprise until it’s the day of. If you’re really creative, come up with a few things that represent what you will do on the date and try to get your partner to guess what it will be!

Take an Annual Holiday Picture 📸

Couple posing for a photo

Image Credit: Pinterest

Start taking an annual picture and create a memory book full of pictures to look back on. Get creative and find a spot you love. If you live in a state that gets cold, wait for some snow and have a photoshoot. If your part of the country doesn’t get that cold, find something that says “happy holidays” to you.

The most important thing about family holiday traditions is that they reflect things that you love to do and make this time of year even more special. Continuing traditions for you childhood is wonderful, but adding in some new ones that are unique to you and your partner will make the season more memorable for you both. ❄️💕