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Fall Favs: Modern Gents Trading Co

Three Must Have Fall Accessories That Will Dress Up Any Outfit

Make your Autumn outfits POP this season! ✨ We’re playing favorites and sharing three of the best Fall accessories from Modern Gents (shh, don’t tell the others). When you’re bundled up in layers, these beautiful pieces will still bring some shine and sparkle to your outfit!

In the chilly season, you’re going to be bundled up in scarves, sleeves, and layers. This makes it a little harder to style necklaces and bracelets. However, this is the perfect time to bust out those gorgeous statement rings and dangly earrings, allowing you to still look polished and put together in even the coldest of months. 

・゚・。・゚・  ・゚・。・゚・  

Stunning Rose Gold 3 Carat Simulated Morganite Ring

The Lovely, The Always
The Lovely, stacked with The Always in Rose Gold

This first ring is The Lovely in rose gold. This show stopping ring has a beautiful three carat simulated Morganite stone. The peachy-pink colors of the stone paired with the beautiful rose gold band easily makes this the go-to ring for Fall!

Woman's hand wearing rings

Middle finger, top to bottom: The Lovely in Rose Gold, The Always in Rose Gold
Pointer finger, top to bottom: The Promise in Rose Gold, The Forever in Rose Gold

The best part about statement rings as bold as this one is you can either wear it stacked with other bands or rock it solo and let the eye-catching ring speak for itself. 

・゚・。・゚・  ✨・゚・。・゚・    

Shiny 1.5 Carat Sterling Silver Simulated Morganite Ring

Woman's hand wearing bands

The Halo Morganite, stacked with The Always in Sterling Silver

Rose gold is definitely the metal that has dominated the Fall season these past few years, but what if you’re a gal who would prefer to keep it a little more classic? Our next ring is perfect for you! This is The Halo Morganite.

Woman's hand wearing rings

Middle finger, top to bottom: The Halo Morganite, The Always in Sterling Silver
Pointer finger: The Forever in Sterling Silver
Ring Finger: The Promise in Sterling Silver

 The sterling silver band is paired with a more subdued simulated Morganite, perfect for the girl who likes to keep it a little more lowkey. The center stone gives just the right amount of Fall vibes for the girl who prefers cool tones in a warm tone dominated season. 

・゚・。・゚・  ✨・゚・。・゚・    

Hanging Hoop 3 Carat Halo Center Stone Earrings

Woman wearing earrings

The Eve in Rose Gold

Our final hand picked favorite for Fall is The Eve in rose gold! These earrings are a perfect blend of hoops and studs, making them a prime choice for the indecisive girl who wants both. Earrings are the easiest way to bring elegance to any outfit, even in those oversized hoodies we all live in during chilly season!

Woman wearing earrings

Each earring has a three carat halo center stone and a small hoop lined with shimmering stones, giving your ear lots of shine and sparkle.

・゚・。・゚・  ・゚・。・゚・  

Those are our three Fall favs from Modern Gents! Which one is calling out to you?

Don’t let the dismal weather get you down this season! These pieces are a sure fire way to brighten up the gloomy days and give a little radiance wherever you go.

Who says sparkle is only for summer? 

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