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Planning a Destination Wedding? Read This First!

A destination wedding is exciting, romantic, and beautiful...

...but it can also be stressful if you don’t plan carefully!

Destination weddings come with their own set of unique challenges, so be sure to read up on these important tips!

1. Travel smart.

Airplane window

Avoid taking a flight that comes in the day before your wedding. You shouldn’t be jet-lagged and exhausted the night before your big day. Fly in a few days beforehand to avoid any travel delays and to give yourself enough time to settle in, relax, and rest. You also want to bring your dress, important documents, makeup, and accessories (basically anything you’re going to need on your wedding day) with you in your carry-on – not your check-in bag. Airlines make mistakes, so don’t risk losing anything important.

2. Don’t bring your expensive engagement ring and wedding bands.

Woman's left hand wearing The BlissRing: The Bliss

Wait, what? This one might seem confusing, but let us explain! If you’re going abroad for your wedding or honeymoon, traveling with expensive pieces of jewelry is risky. Instead, why not consider inexpensive bands or even a temporary travel ring? Travel rings are affordable rings to wear in place of an expensive wedding ring while traveling and look just as beautiful as their pricy counterparts! You’re sure to find a style you love and a dupe for your expensive ring. Check out the full collection of affordable engagement rings and wedding bands at Modern Gents!

3. Embrace “island time.”

Tropical wedding venue

If you’re getting married in paradise, heads up! Things move slower in the tropics. The laid-back attitude of your vendors, planner, and locals may throw you off, but don’t mistake being easy going with incompetence. Be patient, check in with your wedding planner, and entrust that things will go smoothly.

4. Give your guests and your wedding party enough of a heads-up.

Bride and groom running on beach

Destination weddings aren’t just expensive for the bride and groom, but for everyone involved. Before you ask your closest friends to be part of your bridal party, let them know you’re planning a destination wedding. Be mindful of people’s finances, and don’t get upset if they aren’t able to make it. As for wedding guests, send them a save-the-date about eight months ahead of time.

5. Get all of your contracts in writing.

Wedding sign on beach

Vendor contracts are important no matter where you get married, but especially for destination weddings. These contracts are meant to protect both parties and ensure that everyone is given what was agreed upon. Anything discussed over the phone, text, email, etc, should be written down and documented.

6. Keep the elements in mind!

Bride and groom in ocean

Think about how you can provide shade from the burning sun, if the wind will be blowing your dress and your hair all over the place, or a sudden rainfall if you’re planning on getting hitched during monsoon season. Expect the best, but prepare for the worst-case scenario. You and your guests should be comfortable throughout the ceremony and reception despite the weather, so prepare ahead of time.

7. Take multiple trips to the venue.

Beach wedding venue

This is essential. You should take at least one trip to view the venue and reception site before the wedding. Pictures can be deceiving and small details you wouldn’t have otherwise noticed can be overlooked. Visiting the venue can also give you a better feel for the size of your space and how you want to decorate. It’s important to know what exactly you’re paying for!

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Men and women's wedding bands

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