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Pregnancy Rings: Revisited! Why should you consider one?

When you’re pregnant, you suddenly have a lot on your plate. You’re dealing with morning sickness, thinking about baby names, planning decorations for the nursery; the last thing you have time for is worrying about your wedding band. Oh yes, pregnancy may make it difficult or even impossible to wear that rock. Read on to find out just why wearing affordable engagement and wedding rings during your pregnancy is a great idea: 

Swollen Hands

Couple holding hands and baby shoes

It is common for women to deal with swollen hands and fingers while pregnant. Otherwise known as “edema”, this swelling that occurs may make your wedding band uncomfortable to wear or may affect your fingers to the point where your ring may not fit at all! Instead of spending this 9-month period mourning your inability to wear your favorite accessory, order a few bands in different sizes that you can wear throughout pregnancy! There are a lot of side effects of pregnancy that aren’t particularly comfortable; your wedding ring shouldn’t have to be one of them! If your original wedding ring is platinum, use the opportunity to switch it up with a dazzling rose gold ring (and vice versa)!

Nursery Planning


Image Credit: Bloglovin'

When you have a baby on the way, a huge thing to think about is where this baby is going to sleep! Whether you’re assembling a complicated crib you bought from Ikea, painting the walls, or sewing that perfect little baby blanket, you don’t want to ruin your primary wedding band with scratches, cracks, of drops of paint! Getting a silicone band or even a beautiful yet inexpensive ring that you can replace when necessary is a perfect way to still wear your wedding ring while preparing for the arrival of your little one! 

Pregnancy Brain:

Pregnant woman

Image Credit: MBG Health

I’m not trying to tell you that you’ll lose your precious wedding band during these 9 months … but I am just casually suggesting that maybe you should pick up a spare ring or two for when pregnancy brain kicks in. Even without pregnancy in the mix, people often forget where they put their keys, phones, and wallets… don’t let your ring be a casualty, too! Knowing that your primary wedding band is safe and sound is a great way to reduce stress during an otherwise hectic time of life. You have more pressing things worry about than whether or not you took off your ring before washing your hands or left it outside while working in the yard!

We are so excited for you during this amazing phase and know that there are so many things on your mind! Wearing affordable engagement and wedding rings during your pregnancy allows you to fully engage in the process of pregnancy and put your focus on the important things. (You know, like trying to convince your partner that you can’t possibly name the baby “Jennifer” because of that one girl who was mean to you one time. Those important things.) So prop your feet up, flip through that baby book, and rest easy, knowing that you have everything you need! 👶🏽💕