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Engagement and wedding rings are a meaningful symbol of a couple’s love for each other -- a physical representation of commitment presented to each other on a special day filled with wonderful memories. 👰🏽💗🤵🏻🎊

Because of this, many people grow attached to their ring(s) and can’t imagine any other ring sitting on their finger. For others, while their initial ring is special, they enjoy mixing up different rings for different occasions and cultivating a collection of wedding rings throughout their relationship. Continue reading to learn some of the common reasons you might want to have multiple wedding rings on hand.


For those that fall in the former category, there are still very practical reasons to have multiple low cost wedding rings. One is: a travel ring. Especially if a ring feels irreplaceable, having a set of travel rings is a prudent investment! No one thinks it will happen to them, but it’s easy to be out in the water enjoying the fun in the sun and not feel a ring slip off, never to be found again. Losing a ring can ruin a vacation, but if it’s a travel ring it’s much less devastating. This allows people to continue to show their commitment, but not worry about losing something so precious to them.

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Another practical reason for multiple rings is pregnancy! Many women’s fingers increase in size during pregnancy. Some turn to resizing their bands, but resizing bands multiple times, especially with multiple pregnancies, can be damaging to the ring. Investing in a special ring for pregnancy allows people to keep their precious ring in its original state while also keeping their symbol of love visible.

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Then there are those that fall in the latter category: they just want to have more than one ring! It can be a lot of fun for men and women to match their rings with an outfit style or mood for the day. In her close to 20 year marriage to David Beckham, Victoria Beckham has had 14 different engagement rings. From upgrades to style changes, Beckham has found lots of reasons to mix it up in 20 years and she’s not apologizing for it! People change and so do their tastes in jewelry; having different rings allows for mixing and matching based on occasion or outfits. New rings make great anniversary presents, or even “just because” presents. It’s a way to show your partner how much you love them.

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 We hope you enjoyed reading about the different reasons for having multiple wedding rings on hand. At the heart of it, a ring is simply a symbol of love and commitment no matter how you choose to show it. Whether you want more than one ring for practicality, or you love cultivating a collection of rings throughout your relationship, the cost of adding rings can start to add up. Make it easier on your wallet and choose from a collection of more affordable rings! 💍