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Accessorizing Easy Halloween Costumes

For something that only comes around once a year, Halloween can be expensive.

Understandably, people tend to dress up as something new every year depending on their mood, the current media space, and the costume options big box party stores provide. Costumes can run you almost a hundred dollars depending on what you're dressing up as, and very rarely do they come with all the accessories you need for your look.

Instead of shelling out for a costume, why not dig into your closet and use something you probably already have? Here are four easy to put together Halloween costumes paired with accessories you can continue using throughout the entire year – not just during spooky season!

Say Hello to the 2020s With a Flapper Costume 

As the '20s approach, what better way to get into the spirit than to go as a 1920's flapper? This costume is super easy to put together. For your base, all you're going to need is any black dress and some heels to match. We dressed it up with a feather hair accessory and some fake pearls that you can get from any dollar store in your area.

Woman dressed in 1920's flapper costume
The Ariel in sterling silver

For the star of the show, we're pairing this costume with some beautiful pearl earrings. How can we not? If you're looking for a more modern twist on pearl earrings, go for The Ariel in sterling silver or rose gold. If you prefer the classic look, The Pearl is a great option as well. These earrings wear beautifully whether you're in costume or going out for a special event.


Woman wearing pearl earrings


The Pearl in sterling silver

A More Heavenly Approach

If you're a girl who's not into horror but still wants to partake in the Halloween activities, why not go sweet and simple in an angel costume? Pull out that white dress in the back of your closet and pop on a cheap halo, we found one for just a few dollars at a party store. We suggest ditching the wings which might be too bulky and add some sparkle with beautiful jewelry.


Woman wearing necklace


The Lily in sterling silver

Keep it simple, a dainty necklace will be your best approach! Two beautiful options are The Affinity and The Lily, both have a simple chain with beautiful centerpieces. These necklaces are elegant enough to wear with your costume and to wear to work the very next day. If your dress is a little more on the simple side and you want to add a little more sparkle, consider adding some interchangeable rings to the look!


Woman wearing necklace


The Affinity in sterling silver

I'm Feeling Spoooooky

For something darker, more vampy, and more on theme with Halloween, we suggest going as a simplified version of a witch or a vampire. Bring out that black dress and black boots you've been dying to wear all season! Throw on a hat or a cape and let your accessories speak.

Woman wearing gemstone and spider rings

Top, left to right: The Halo Emerald, The Halo Tanzanite
Bottom: The Halo Ruby

A statement ring with a bold stone is necessary for any wicked witch or vampire. These rings are called The Halo, each one featuring a bright and beautiful center stone. Wear one of them or all of them with a couple spider rings to bring your look to life. Once Halloween is over, you can still rock these rings on date nights, GNO's, and anywhere else you want to look a little more glammed up.


Woman wearing gemstone and spider rings


The Halo Morganite

Not a fan of color? No worries. Any classic ring will go beautifully with your outfit. 

Who says Halloween has to be expensive?

So this year (or next!), try giving these tips a try. Stock up on some affordable accessories for your costume and your every day wardrobe. Your wallet will thank you! What are you dressing up as this year? Leave us a comment letting us know!

From everyone at Modern Gents, we want to wish you a happy and safe Halloween!