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Seasons of Love: Which season is best for your big day?

September 07, 2018

Seasons of Love: Which season is best for your big day?

Picking a wedding date is among the most important factors when it comes to wedding planning. You can’t do much of anything if a date isn’t set, but deciding on the perfect one takes a lot of careful consideration. A good first step could be whittling your options down to a season. Each season, of course, comes with a unique set of pros and cons that are important to consider when nailing down your nuptials.



The Pros: Wintertime often finds a lull in the wedding business. This could work in your favor, with discounts on venues and vendors that might otherwise break the bank. The cold weather can help direct your menu - think hearty comfort foods and decadent desserts - as well as create a cozy, warm, romantic atmosphere for your special day. Who wouldn’t want to see some flickering candles or a crackling fireplace as they come in from the cold? 

The Cons: Winter is heavy on holidays, and your wedding might face some tough competition. Travel costs are often high, so out of town guests may have a harder time getting to you. You’ll be facing some serious weather hazards, too. Depending on where you live, you’ll have to consider potential storms that may snow in your guests or ice the roads they’re taking. You’ll also need to take weather into consideration when picking your wardrobe, as wedding attire can sometimes make it difficult to keep warm.



The Pros: The temperate weather gives you options in terms of wardrobe and venue - Long sleeves? Great. Short sleeves? Still great. No sleeves? Chances are, you’ll be fine. You can have your ceremony outside and include an outdoor area at the reception (or just have the whole thing outside!). There aren’t many holidays to compete with, and spring isn’t a prime vacation time, so chances are most of your guestlist will be in town. Spring flowers can make beautiful centerpieces, and spring leaves you with a versatile color palette to work with. 

The Cons: Spring is the height of allergy season, which could mean a lot of sniffling punctuating your ceremony. It’s also peak wedding season, which will put you in competition with lots of other couples planning out their perfect wedding day. This added competition can also hike the price tag on your ideal venue and vendors.


The Pros: Summer days are the longest of the year, meaning you and your guests have plenty of daylight to play with, dance under, and enjoy. You can easily utilize indoor/outdoor spaces for a perfect summer wedding, and your choice of themes is left wide open - you can have a beachy vibe, a colorful luau, a rustic chic aesthetic, or a glamorous garden party and not a single decoration would feel out of place. With plenty of seasonal fruit and vegetables available, your menu experiences the same kind of variety.

The Cons: You’ll have to find ways to beat the heat. High temperatures can make the day uncomfortable for you, your guests, and your vendors. If you’re hosting outdoor festivities, it’s important to consider the hottest times of day. The long days can also work against you when it comes to taking pictures, as the lighting can often come off harsh in photographs. You’ll also be in competition with your friends annual vacations, which could see a significant drop in attendance.



The Pros: Fall is the most predictable of the seasons. You can rely on cool, comfortable temperatures that lend themselves easily to indoor/outdoor celebrating, and you’ll have a warm-toned motif of leaves to base your colors off of. The foliage can make a beautiful bargain backdrop for your wedding photos, and may leave you needing less decor as nature takes care of the decorations for you. 

The Cons: Fall is in an awkward spot - smack dab between summer and winter, it’s often a lull in travel. For some out-of-town guests, it may be a tough time to take off as they stock away vacation days for the upcoming holiday season. School also starts in fall, meaning guests with kids or those heading out for their next college semester might not have much time to spare. Like with spring, fall also presents some allergy concerns, with hay fever stuffing up everyone’s noses.

Overall, there’s no tried-and-true perfect time to get married. The most important thing to do is to consider all the factors, decide what’s most important to you, and pick your wedding date. We hope this list was able to help you on your way! 💍🍾

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