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7 Great Habits to Adopt Before Your Wedding

Your wedding represents a new beginning not only for your relationship, but for you personally.

This makes the months before you tie the knot the perfect time to start implementing habits that you want to carry over into the marriage. These habits can benefit you, your partner, and your evolving relationship, creating a solid foundation that every marriage needs to rest on. Here are 7 habits that you can start to implement as soon as today:

Habit #1: Exercise Together

Couple in workout gear stretching outside

The couple that sweats together stays together. You’ll both feel more motivated to get moving and pay attention to your health if you’re in it together and can hold each other accountable. This doesn’t mean you have to force yourselves to hit the gym five nights a week. Exercising can mean going for a walk around the block or hiking your favorite trail. Whatever activity you enjoy doing together that gets you moving works. If you want to make it fun, get some matching silicone wedding bands for exercising!

Habit #2: Eat Dinner Together

Couple at sunset dinner

...and not in front of the TV.

You probably won’t be able to do this all the time because of work schedules and other priorities, but as much as possible try to sit down together and share a meal. This becomes even more important when the craziness of wedding planning takes over and you forget to relax every now and then. Whether it’s something you whipped up yourself or take-out doesn’t matter. The point is to take the time to remove distractions, create a calm environment, and connect with one another.

Habit #3: Have Your Own Hobbies

Watercolor paints

The previous two habits were things you should do together. Here’s one you should definitely do separately. Before you get married, you and your partner should feel comfortable doing your own thing and spending time apart. It’s wonderful if you share the same hobbies and enjoy each others’ company, but it’s also important to have something that’s just for you.

Habit #4: Get into Saving Money

Woman counting money

There’s nothing like a wedding to remind you how quickly money can disappear. If you can turn your wedding into a learning experience that teaches you how to budget, negotiate, and look for deals, you’ll be better equipped to deal with the financial aspects of marriage. A great place to start is with wedding bands. You might feel like you need to go expensive since that’s the “tradition,” but it’s not a very money-savvy move. Instead, shop around for bands that are just as good looking but will allow you to save some dough, such as the ones offered by Modern Gents. Shop the full collection here!

Habit #5: Listen to Your Partner’s Perspective

Couple having a serious discussion

Another unavoidable aspect of wedding planning is disagreements. You and your fiancé/e will more than likely clash over a few ideas, so take this time to learn how to listen to each other and see if you can understand each other's different perspectives. This will serve you well when more serious arguments arise later down the road.

Habit #6: Cook Your Own Meals

Couple cooking together

Not only is this cheaper, it’s also far healthier. You’ll want to save money wherever you can before the wedding, so think about how much you could save if you stopped ordering in or going out to eat. Put together a meal plan with a few simple, quick recipes and watch your savings grow.

Habit #7: Stress Less

Couple holding each other looking out a window

This just might be the most important habit to develop not just before a wedding, but any time! Planning the celebration has probably put a bit of stress on you and your fiancé, and at times it might have felt like it was too much to handle. Learn what stressors you can let go of and which ones actually matter. Pick your battles, and you’ll find that most of the little things causing you stress will go away.

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