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7 Special Places to Propose

The sky is the limit when it comes to proposing!

Depending on your significant other, you could do anything from a hot air balloon ride to a quiet proposal in your kitchen. If you’re planning to pop the big question, we’re here for you! To help you get started in the planning process, we’ve put together seven special places to propose.

The Location of Your First Date

Woman's left hand wearing The One and Only on ring finger

Ring: The One and Only

The first dates are unforgettable. The nervous butterflies, being overly aware of how you’re chewing, and that instant spark of connection. Taking a trip back down memory lane will trigger all kinds of emotions. That place will always be special for you two, so why not make it even more near and dear to both of your hearts?

Favorite Cafe/Restaurant

Restaurant table on beach

If you’ve seen Justin Baldoni’s epic proposal, then you know that picking your favorite cafe or restaurant can work in your favor. You can talk to the owners and see if you can work something out. Some have been able to rent out and transform the cafe into a romantic location full of flowers and pictures of their relationship. A candlelight dinner isn’t too shabby either.

Your Future/Current Home

Woman's hands holding mug wearing The Alexandria

Ring: The Alexandria

If you’re already living together or planning to move in together, both of these options could work. Surprising your significant other with a beautiful setup or putting together a scavenger hunt that brings her back to your home will have her feeling loved. Doing it at home could also be an easy way to include friends and family if they live close. Once you’ve popped the question, everyone can join you for dinner and drinks at your place.

Dream Vacation

Married couple's hands in front of a waterfall

Rings: The Inferno, The Rose

This option is for our readers who are constantly bitten by the travel bug. Perhaps your future fiancée has been talking about her dream vacation non-stop. You could plan to go together and pop the question when the timing is right. Or, you could send her off solo and fly separately to give her the shock of a lifetime!

Museum or Art Gallery

Art museum

If your fiancée is an art or history lover, then this is the proposal for you. They won’t think twice about accompanying you to a new exhibit, but they will shed a few tears when they see that they are the exhibit. Mixing in a few photos of your love story with the art might confuse them at first, but once they see you down on one knee it’ll all make sense.

Movie Theater

Woman's left hand wearing The Lovely
Ring: The Lovely

If you’re into film and movies, why not surprise your love with a trailer before the actual movie starts? If they’re not a fan of crowds, it might be best to either rent out the theater or have only close friends and family around. You can play a short film that perfectly captures your love story or an animated short. Of course, staying for the movie after is optional. We’re sure you’ll be too excited to watch anyway. 

Botanical Garden

Woman's left hand wearing The I Do

Ring: The I Do

A botanical garden makes the perfect location for a spring proposal. If she’s a flower enthusiast, ask her to meet you by her favorite flowers before declaring your love for her. Or, you could have a photoshoot throughout the garden and stop at a particularly breathtaking location. The choice is yours!

When it comes from the heart, every proposal is a great one, so don’t worry!

Your love will shine through no matter what you have planned. Be sure to check out Modern Gents' full collection of beautiful and affordable engagement rings and wedding bands! Shop here.

Have you already proposed to the love of your life? What did you do? Let us know down below!

The Scarlett, The Evermore, The Grace, The Bliss

Rings: The Scarlett, The Evermore, The Grace, The Bliss