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Silicone Rings - Revisited!

December 07, 2018

Silicone Rings - Revisited!

Silicone rings are in. Yes, they are -- especially for those who lead active and healthy lifestyles. These comfortable and versatile bands are a perfect substitute to throw on when wearing your actual wedding rings would not be ideal. Most newlyweds aren’t used to wearing a ring 24/7 and you may be surprised by how often such a little thing can be such a big hassle. Luckily, Modern Gents are here to the rescue with our sleek, comfortable, and ever-so-convenient silicone rings! An even bigger plus? They are extremely affordable!

So, why do you need one for your active lifestyle? Here are two common situations where you’ll definitely be happy to have a silicone ring on hand:

When You’re Working Out 💪

Silicone rings are a great substitute to wear during your workout. First, silicone is softer and more flexible than traditional wedding rings. Because of that, it’s much more comfortable when it inevitably presses up against weights or equipment and won’t cut into your skin. Second, and more importantly, years of hard workouts will scratch up your wedding bands beyond repair! Keep the symbol of your love in pristine condition by throwing on a silicone ring when you hit the gym instead. 


When You’re Traveling ✈️

Why should you wear silicone rings when you travel? Leaving your expensive and sentimental jewelry at home is always a good idea so it doesn’t get lost or stolen. Even if you have insurance, the emotional toll of losing your engagement ring with all of the memories and meaning attached to it is much worse than the financial one, and it’s not worth the risk. Additionally, many vacations involve adventurous activities that are outside of your usual routine like hiking, climbing, diving, swimming, and more. The worst time to discover your rings are uncomfortable is in the moment, when you’re ready to jump from the boat, or hit the trails! Instead, play it safe with a silicone ring that’s adaptable to adventure or easy to store in your pocket or bag without a worry. 


Don’t Let Your Ring Get in the Way of a Lifestyle You Love 💕

Silicone rings from Modern Gents are only $19.95 and come in a variety of colors to match your personality. Choose from black, white, pink, or teal… or get all four because this price tag is niiiice.

Whether you’re a gym rat or adventure junkie, play it safe with a silicone substitute and leave your wedding rings at home. The comfort and peace of mind that come with this budget-friendly purchase are oh-so-worth it!

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