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Simple Wedding Precautions to Implement During COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced people to put all kinds of plans on hold.

However, your wedding day doesn’t have to be one of them! It can be stressful to try to pull off a wedding during a pandemic, but it can be done. Please remember to follow your local, state, and federal safety guidelines. Here are some tips to help you enjoy a COVID safe wedding.

The Bliss and The Sadie

Rings: The Bliss, The Sadie

1. Limit guest list

A global pandemic may not be the best time to throw a rager. You can still have fun with your guests and celebrate your big day, but maybe with a smaller guest list. Think of the people that mean the most to you and make sure to invite them. Don’t forget you can always celebrate with others later. Check out our previous post on minimonies and microweddings!

Wedding party sitting outside

2. Livestream the wedding

If you have ever wanted to feel like royalty and have your wedding broadcasted to the world, this is your chance! One way to limit the number of guests is to livestream the wedding. This allows people who live far away to watch the ceremony, as well as people who didn’t make it on your guest list. And since the wedding is being recorded, you can have the footage to relive your wedding day whenever you want.

Woman's left hand wearing The One and Only and The Mia

Rings: The One and Only, The Mia

3. Pass out mini hand sanitizers

Everyone loves wedding favors! Making mini hand sanitizers your wedding favor to guests is a great way to make sure everyone stays safe during the wedding. You can pass them out at the start of the ceremony, or leave them on the seats. Include a little note asking the guests to use some before the ceremony starts.  It’s a cute (and clever) way to make sure everyone is safe before the wedding begins.

Mini hand sanitizer

4. Bride and Groom masks

Chances are, you are being asked to wear masks at social gatherings right now.  This may seem like a drag, but one way to make it wedding chic is to pass out themed masks for your guests. You could pass out white masks to those coming to support the bride, and black masks to those who are coming for the groom. It's cute, and keeps with the wedding no matter your theme!

Wedding guest wearing face mask

5. Pictures with immediate family only

Just as you want to keep your guest list small, it could also be good to only take pictures with a small group of people. It could be just your immediate family, or a very small circle of friends. Don’t forget that you can always celebrate and take pictures with others another time. It may be sad not to take pictures with everyone, but it is a great way to be safe at your wedding.

The Layla and The Chloe

Rings: The Layla, The Chloe

6. Spaced out seating

This tip can be applied both to your ceremony and to your reception. Spacing out the seating is a great way to keep everyone safe at a gathering during the pandemic. You could sit people in every other seat, or space the seating out further, it's up to you! Your guests will appreciate the courtesy and will be able to relax and enjoy the celebration.

Spaced out wedding chairs

7. Have food served

Sometimes at weddings, the couple will opt for a buffet style of dinner at the reception. If you are having a wedding during COVID, you need to opt out. Instead, have your guests served their food by serves who are healthy and masked. It will help keep everyone safe, while also feeling fancy. That way, everyone can enjoy their meal and the rest of the reception.

Plate of salad

While having a wedding during this pandemic isn’t ideal, and while a lot of things have been cancelled, your love isn't.

You can still have your wedding day and be safe. Remember that even in this unreliable time, you can rely on each other.

The Sofia and The GiselleRings: The Sofia, The Giselle