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Social Distancing Activities: Bringing Back the Classic Board Games!

Did you know that there was a time before everything was digital and our phones took up our lives?

We're kidding – but seriously, remember those good ol' days? One of the staples of entertainment among families were the classic board games. While most of us are stuck at home and by now have run out of fun topics to talk about, it just might be the perfect time to dust off the ol’ games from the closet. So grab your drink and gather around the table as we bring to you our favorite board games for quarantine! Enjoy!

1. Sequence

Sequence board game

If you’re one for strategy, but also one for watching tv while you play a game...Sequence is for you. Each person will have a deck of cards that will coordinate with the cards on the board itself. Use the cards in your hand to line up 5 ‘crowns’ in a row. Sounds easy enough, right? Well don’t forget your opponent(s), who are trying to do the same thing.

Not only are you striving for 5 in a row, you may have to use your cards to block your opponent. So yes, while you worked so hard for those first 4, it can all be for nothing with the play of one card from your opponent. For this one, you’re going to have to be one step ahead!

2. Operation

Operation board game

You may want to play this one before you have your coffee. Most of us have at least heard of Operation. We remember the anxiety of not wanting to make the buzzer go off while the rest of the participants watch. Put your precision to the test with this classic stress-inducing game.

Using the tweezers that are provided, player(s) must remove the objects from ‘Cavity Sam’ without touching the edges. If you end up touching the edges, the buzzer will go off, Sam’s nose will light up and you will lose your turn. If you’re looking to give the screens a break, Operation has been providing fun for decades with no signs of slowing down!

3. Settlers of Catan

People playing board game

The beauty of this game is that the board is completely different each time you play. That makes Settlers of Catan one of the most “replayable” games. With a good amount of strategy and a great amount of luck, this can be anyone's victory. The goal is to establish or “settle” in the designated areas on the board to earn points, (‘Victory Points to be exact). The first player to reach 10 Victory Points will be the winner.

However, there are other factors that can earn you points, such as building armies or establishing roads. Now, the only way to build is by gathering resources such as wood, brick, wheat etc. The luck comes in as you draw cards. Cards can be great advantages or disadvantages ( depending who draws them). There may be times where you are required to give some of your resources to your opponent and vice versa. Again, there are so many different factors to the game and the ever-changing board makes this a different game every time it is set up! So establish your land, build your army and conquer!

    4. Scrabble

    Scrabble board game

    Nothing screams “FUN” more than arguing with your loved ones on whether or not something is a word or not. Test your creativity and increase your vocabulary with this classic word game. Scrabble is essentially a crossword puzzle except that there are no hints or specific words that you must use. Use your Letter Tiles to formulate words.

    The Catch? You must play off of another word on the board. Using less common letters typically result in higher points. You will also notice throughout the board different spots that can give your words a boost in points. So thinking ahead and strategically is key. Spawning from The Great Depression in 1933, Scrabble has stood the test of time and has proven to be a wonderful game to play in-home. 

    5. Ticket to Ride

    Ticket to Ride board game pieces

    Have you ever wanted to travel across the United States? What about Canada? Ticket to Ride takes you through the train tracks across BOTH. Use the cards you draw to claim routes for your ‘trains’. You will receive “Destination Tickets,” and you want to use a continuous route to connect to the two cities on your ticket. Your Destination Ticket is kept secret from your opponent, so nobody will know where the other players are trying to go.

    Now, the only way to connect routes is if you have the corresponding cards in your hand. The bigger the routes, the more points you score. However, it’s important to connect as many routes as you can, otherwise you may lose those very same points that you were trying to claim. Coming on the scene in 2004 makes this more of a “Modern” game! 

    We understand that this whole quarantine can be frustrating and a bit confusing.

    Board game

    However, we encourage you to use this time to get the family together, have some laughs, and play some games. We hope this list has given you a head start on finding the perfect game for you and your family. Also, please leave some of your favorite board games down in the comments! Thank you so much for your continued support of Modern Gents! Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay strong!


    • Traci Ray

      We love the Catan version, Settlers Across America! History and geography and economics, all in one!
      And good ol’ Life, with the little pegs in the tiny cars. Still fun after all these years.

    • Amy Simpson

      Love operation! Thanks for sharing all of these!