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Social Distancing Activities: Virtual Disneyland & California Adventure Rides Edition!

If you are Disney lovers like us, the current quarantine has sadly taken us away from our favorite rides – but all hope is not lost!

You can still have that magical experience from the comfort of your home thanks to the virtual ride alongs available on Youtube. The best part is you don’t have to worry about waiting in line! Experience the new Star Wars Rise of the Resistance Ride, or hop onto Guardians Of The Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT! There are so many to choose from and we have compiled our top 10 favorites. Get ready to take a trip to the Happiest Place On Earth! 

1. Star Wars Rise of the Resistance

Star Wars stormtroopers

Enjoy the newest Star Wars attraction where you are tasked to capture and escape the first order! Whether you're a Star Wars fan or not, this ride is sure to entertain everyone in the family. Bonus: you don't have to wait in the 2+ hour line to see if it's something you'd want to go on again! Join the adventure here.

2. Guardians Of The Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT!

Guardians of the Galaxy ride

If you haven't been on the Guardians of the Galaxy ride since it took over the Tower of Terror, now is your chance. You will get to experience the amazing drops and comedy from the whole Guardians of the Galaxy cast! Ready? Check it out here.

3. Pirates Of The Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Pirates of the Caribbean is a classic Disneyland ride that’s a must every time you go. Now it’s made even easier to get your pirate’s life fix as many times as you want! Join the whole crew here.

4. Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin Virtual Ride Disneyland Disney California Adventure Quarantine Things to Do at Home Social Distancing Activities Coronavirus 2020

Enjoy everything you love in Mickey’s Toontown from the comfort of your home! The Roger Rabbit ride is a polarizing one: you either love how crazy it is, or you're annoyed by all of the whimsy. Take a spin in Roger Rabbit’s Ride as many times as you’d like with this video, here!

5. Soarin'

Soarin' ride

Ahh yes, what we can argue is one of the best rides in Disney California Adventure, this would be a perfect time to watch this video on the big screen! If you've been missing the epic ride like we have, hopefully this will help you out until the parks reopen. Watching this on your television will surely make the experience come to life! Watch here.

6. Radiator Springs Racers

Radiator Springs ride

Whenever you are going to California Adventure, Car’s Land is a MUST to visit. Loved by kids and adults alike, Disney hit a home run with this ride. Cruise through Radiator Springs here. Enjoy your visit with this ride along and make the experience even better by making your own mac and cheese Cozy Cone with this recipe!

7. Incredicoaster

Pixar Pier rollercoaster ride

This is the perfect ride for roller coaster lovers and Incredibles fans alike! You get to follow the Parr family storyline in this themed ride. If you're scared of rollercoasters, this can be a great opportunity for you to see the cool parts of the ride without the dips, twists, and loops. Perfect for the whole family! Ready to ride? Click here.

8. Mr. Toad's Wild Wide

Mr Toad's Wild Ride

This is one of the darker classic rides that Disneyland has to offer. It's definitely a trip, and it’s a must if you have watched the movie The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (if you have Disney+ this movie is on there!). For those who like rides that will make you feel like you're in a fever dream, check out this truly wild ride here.

9. Peter Pan’s Flight

Peter Pan's Flight ride

This is one of the rides at Disneyland that always has a long wait – and for good reason! Now you can avoid those lines and fly over Neverland all day long! Even though it's one of the older Disneyland rides, Peter Pan's Flight is still one of the visually appealing rides in the park. Ride the nostalgia here!

10. Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain

Here’s the perfect chance to experience Splash Mountain without the fear of getting wet! Splash Mountain is a huge fan favorite and now you can experience it any time you want from the front seat – minus the heat and the long lines! Check out the ride here.

Yes, we know – we all still miss Disneyland!

Disney balloons

It doesn't take the place of The Happiest Place on Earth, but while we're practicing social distancing and staying safe, we think it'll do for now. Are you missing Disneyland? What's your favorite ride in the park? Let us know in the comments! 

We are so grateful for all of the support you've shown us here at Modern Gents! We are hoping that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy and continue to practice social distancing. We'll see you in the next post!