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Sticking to Your Wedding Budget: Tips & Suggestions

It’s no secret that wedding budgets are incredibly difficult to stick to!

There always seem to be extra expenses popping up left and right that are out of your control. If you’ve never planned a wedding before, it can be hard to know what to focus on and what to leave behind. We've put together a few tips on how you can stick to your budget and plan the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Be Flexible with Your Timing

Bride and groom in the snow

When planning your wedding, one of the first things that most couples will choose is their date. The time of year you choose to get married will directly affect your budget. Why? As with any other kind of season, wedding season is a more expensive time to get married. This season starts in early spring and lasts until late fall. This would be the months of mid-April to about mid-October. If you choose to get married during these months, you can expect venues and vendors to charge more. If you’re trying to keep your numbers down, why not consider a winter wedding? Planning a wedding even just a week after the peak season will be significantly cheaper.

Skip the Expensive Wedding Bands

Married couples hands in front of a floral bouquet

Rings: The Titan, The Eternity, The One and Only

This one is self-explanatory, but really – despite what you've been told, you and your partner don't need expensive wedding bands. You're already committed to spending a lifetime together, a wedding band is only a symbol of your love. That doesn't mean you need to forego the wedding bands altogether! There are a plethora of beautiful and affordable wedding rings out there (for both of you!). Modern Gents has a wide selection of engagement rings & wedding bands to choose from!

Determine Non-Negotiable Items Ahead of Time

Waterfront wedding table

Figure out what you absolutely can’t live without at the beginning of your planning process. This way you can plan everything else around those initial expenses. For example, is there a photographer or DJ you simply can’t live without? Factor in those expenses first, then build your wedding around those. It’ll be much easier to have a wedding that makes you happy when you get what you want!

Limit Your Guest List

Wedding party toasting champagne

While this may be the most difficult part of the wedding process, it’s important to take a good look at your guest list and decide if you need all 16 cousins there. Figure out how many people you can afford to pay for, and work your way back down. You'll also need to take into consideration how many people your venue will allow. Try sticking to people who you want to be a part of your future. We’re not going to lie, it may be hard to say no, but your wallet will surely thank you! Remember, it's your wedding: you're not obligated to invite anyone!

Keep Food Under Control

Decorated wedding dining table

Although it may be tempting to fly in the private chef from France to wow your guests, try to keep the food under control. Many couples are choosing to have food trucks brought in for a cocktail type wedding instead of the traditional sit-down weddings. This cuts costs on food and avoids caterer expenses. As long as your guests are fed good food, they won’t care where it comes from. 

Skip the Expensive Favors

Party favor boxes

We’ve all seen couples shell out lots of money on favors, only for them to be left behind and discarded around the venue after everyone’s gone home. Do yourself a favor and skip the expensive favors. Choose favors that people will want to take home. We’ve seen couples do a late-night cookie bar with sleeves to take home, or even a candy bar with little thank you notes. Guests love them, and you won’t be left with dozens of favors to sort out.

What tips do you have on sticking to your wedding budget? Let us know down below!