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Summer Weddings: 5 Things Not to Forget

What bride doesn’t dream of a summer wedding?

The weather is perfect, strapless gowns abound, and every variety of flower you could imagine is in bloom. It all sounds perfect, right? It is, but there are some things to remember to ensure your wedding is as magical and free of stress as possible.

The Heat

Bride standing in front of fan

Image Credit: Pinterest 

You’re thinking no duh, but just wait. Everyone knows that summer is the season of sun - that’s why it’s an ideal time for outdoor weddings. But while everyone is thinking about how to prepare for freak rain showers, who’s preparing for a heat wave? If your wedding is indoors, is there enough air circulation, ventilation (no one wants a ceremony marred by B.O.), and is the air conditioner in working order? What will you do if it breaks? If you’re having an outdoor wedding, how are you protecting your guests from the sun? Do you have a place where everyone can cool off? If there are a few elderly guests, do you have the proper emergency protocols in place, just in case?

You don’t have to expect the worst, but at least keep it in mind.

The Rush

Wedding invitations

Summer is wedding season. That means venues will be booked months (or years) in advance, caterers will be insanely busy, and all the good photographers will be scooped up in a heartbeat. Plan for this! Get everything booked as early as possible, or be willing to wait for what you really want. June is the busiest month, so if your heart is set on a June wedding, be prepared for a little bit of a struggle. Nothing is impossible if you plan ahead, though!

Vacation Conflicts

Tropical resort

While you’re planning your dream wedding, your friends and family are planning their dream vacation. As soon as the kids are out of school, flights are booked and bags are packed. This leads to a lot of conflicting schedules, but if you send your save-the-dates far in advance, you’ll catch most of your guests before they’ve had a chance to fully plan their summer. Also, avoid holiday weekends if at all possible.

Wilting Flowers

Flower bouquet

Heat and cut flowers don’t go together. The last thing you want is to walk down an aisle lined with dead petals and wilting blooms. All hope is not lost, however! First, make sure your flowers are delivered on the day of your wedding, and have a refrigerator on-site to keep them fresh until it’s time to bring them out. If you don’t have an extravagant display planned, aim to set them up as close to the ceremony start time as possible. Keep a mist bottle on hand and assign someone to flower duty - their job is to make those blooms last as long as possible.

The Menu

Steak, burgers, roasted pork, heavy pasta dishes - all of these are out for a summer wedding. Keep your food light and cool to counteract the effects of the heat. Not only does this help keep your guests happy, it’s also cheaper! Seafood is always a popular choice, as are fresh fruits, skewers, and, of course, ice cream.

Summer weddings come with their own challenges, but with the right preparation and a back up plan or two, yours will be free of stress and full of joy!