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Ten Resolutions for New Brides

The new year offers all of us a chance to start fresh.

We take time to think over the previous year and all we accomplished, take stock of where we are in life, and make preparations for our next set of goals, hopes, and dreams for the upcoming year. For new brides, the new year is sure to be full of exciting firsts. To start off married life right, set a few resolutions that are perfect for new brides:

1. I won’t stop dating my husband.

You’ve probably seen this advice many times, and for good reason. Continuing to date your spouse means going out on dates regularly, making time for one another, and not letting go of the feeling of getting to know each other that makes dating so much fun. Recreate previous dates to reminisce about the past, and try new things to keep your future exciting. As long as you’re together, it’s time well spent.

The Sweetheart and The Zoey

Rings: The Sweetheart, The Zoey

2. I will always communicate my feelings.

When you’re newly married, you want the glow of new spouse-hood to stay for as long as possible. This might tempt you to keep the peace no matter what, but don’t forget that in every marriage, and every relationship, communication is the most important thing to hold onto. Hiding how you feel doesn’t strengthen your relationship; working through problems does.

The Sofia and The Forever

Rings: The Sofia, The Forever

3. I won’t go to bed angry.

You’ve probably seen this advice before too, and this one has scientific backing behind it. Your brain works on issues while you sleep, but it also cements certain memories. If you’re thinking negatively about your spouse when you fall asleep, there’s a good chance you’ll feel even more upset when you wake up because your brain has had all night to stew. Whenever possible, resolve arguments before bed.

The Belle

Ring: The Belle

4. I will put down my phone when we’re talking.

Technology has spread to every area of our lives. Our phones never leave our sides, and every notification has us reaching for our devices to see what’s new. This has led to a bad habit; when someone is talking to us, we tend not to look up from our phones and give them the attention they deserve. Make it your goal to break this habit in the new year, particularly with your spouse.

The Sadie, The I Do

Rings: The Sadie, The I Do

5. I will make time for my friends.

As a new bride, you might be tempted to spend all your time with your husband. While there’s nothing wrong with prioritizing quality time with your spouse, don’t forget about your friends! Nurturing the relationships outside of your marriage is good for both you and your spouse, so remind your friends that even though you’re now a Mrs., you’re still part of the group!

The Mia and The One and Only

Rings: The Mia, The One and Only

6. I will continue to take care of myself.

We all know the classic trope: a couple gets married, they get comfortable, and they stop trying to impress one another and let themselves go. There’s nothing wrong with getting comfortable in your new life, but make sure you’re still taking care of yourself. If you like getting dressed up and doing your hair and makeup, don’t stop! If you regularly work out and eat healthy, keep it up! When you feel good about yourself, you’re doing your relationship a favor.

The Evermore set and The Titan

Rings: The Evermore, The Titan

7. I will schedule me-time.

It can be hard to think of yourself as an individual in the early months of being a married couple. “We” will roll off your tongue as easily as “me” once did, and when you’re making plans for the future you’ll always automatically include them. While you’re basking in the happiness of marriage, remember to give yourself time to be alone. It’s important for both you and your spouse to feel comfortable doing things separately, so set out some time just for yourself.

The Cambria and The Paige

Rings: The Cambria, The Paige

8. I will start new traditions with my husband.

Family traditions bring people together. Traditions like eating a certain meal on Sundays or watching a specific movie during the holidays create fond memories, and when you get married, you and your spouse will each have your own family traditions you carry with you. In addition to holding onto your individual family traditions, start some of your own! The happy memories you begin to accumulate now will stay with you when you both grow old.

The Alexandria and The Emma

Rings: The Alexandria, The Emma

9. I won’t complain to anyone about my relationship.

It’s healthy to talk through your problems with people who are close to you, but there’s a difference between talking and complaining. A cardinal rule of marriage is to never make your spouse look bad or shine a negative light on them to others. When your spouse begins to lose respect in the eyes of your loved ones, it’s much harder for you to respect them. Never make problems personal; seek advice, not backup.

The Queen

Ring: The Queen

10. I won’t take a single moment for granted.

No matter how long you were with your spouse before you got married, life as a Mrs. will feel different than life before you said I do. Appreciate the newness of it all and be mindful of the present. Kiss them whenever you can, let them know how much you love them, and be fully engaged when you spend time together. You promised each other a lifetime, so make that lifetime count.

The Victoria and The Zoey
Rings: The Victoria, The Zoey


  • Laurie D

    This is the most simple and accurate list I’ve seen put together. From life experience to therapy experience. Take this wise advice and live a long and happy life with your chosen other half. If it is your belief, pray together as often as you can as well. Peace in your home and marriage is everything. 💜💜