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The 2 Most Popular Gemstone Cuts of 2019
For years, the most popular cut of diamond by far was the traditional round cut. It’s easy to see why - simple, stunning, and capable of being combined with any number of complementary stones or even a stunning halo, the versatility alone makes the round cut ideal. But lately, brides-to-be have been searching for something with a little more pizzazz. This year, two standout stone shapes have taken over the ring market.

Cushion Cut

As the name implies, this cut resembles a pillow, with its rounded edges and square or rectangular/elongated shape. Known as one of the “fancier” cuts, cushion cut was once the most popular, until more styles of shaping were developed. It’s coming back, though - Sofia Vergara and Leighton Meester have both been spotted with stunning cushion cut rings.

Your Options:

Woman's left hand wearing The Evermore

The Evermore - In the ever-gorgeous halo setting sits a 1.5 carat center stone on a half-eternity band. Whether you choose silver or rose gold, the ring is a stunner. Evermore means forever - that’s how long your love should last.

Woman's hand wearing The Lovely on middle finger

The Lovely - Lovely is almost an understatement! This ring is 3 carats of breathtaking beauty. A simulated morganite center stone is surrounded by a halo of smaller complementary stones and sits on a rose gold band. If rose gold isn’t your thing, we made The Lovely available in silver as well.

Pear Cut

Also known as teardrop cut, pear shaped rings are taking over the ring market in a big way. A combination of round cut and tapered marquise cut, this vintage look is all about the illusion. The unique shape makes it appear larger than it is, and it can also elongate your fingers, making them look thinner. A pear cut ring was traditionally worn with the narrowed end pointing towards the wearer’s hand, but lately the trend has reversed. Notable figures who are fans of pear cut rings include Victoria Beckham and Princess Charlene of Monaco.

Your Options:

Woman's left hand wearing The Daisy

The Daisy - If pear shape is the cut of the year, solitaire is the setting. Minimalism has made its way into every aspect of life, including engagement rings. Bigger is no longer better - nowadays, less is more. The Daisy lives that philosophy as a petite 1 carat stone set on a delicate silver or rose gold band.

Woman holding coffee wearing The Bliss

The Bliss - Of course, minimalism isn’t for everyone. Some people want big, bold rings, and we’re happy to deliver! A 2 carat center stone surrounded by a halo on a half-eternity band truly befits the name of this ring. In silver or in rose gold, it’s the perfect way to say “I love you” with a bit of wow factor.

The right ring for you (or your bride) isn’t necessarily what’s popular. If a vintage pear shape or fancy cushion cut doesn’t suit your style, take a look through our full collection of ladies rings to find the one that fits you.