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The Art of Getting Remarried

Everyone dreams of their wedding day, but some people get more than one.

People get remarried for all kinds of reasons, and each wedding day deserves to be made special. If this is your second or even third marriage, it may be hard to know what elements of the wedding you want for this ceremony as you compare it to your first. Here are some tips to help you master the art of getting remarried.

Disclaimer: due to the current conditions of the world, be sure to follow all local, state, and federal regulations.

Bride and groom

Wedding plan – together!

    Getting married is about two people coming together and committing to one another. So if it takes two people to have a wedding, it makes sense that it would take two people to plan a wedding. Sitting down together and deciding on what the two of you like is a great place to start. You can also discuss elements from your first ceremony that you want to keep, or things you may want to do differently this time around.

    The Sofia and The Forever

    Rings: The Sofia, The Forever

    Change up the theme (have fun with it)

      One way to make this ceremony feel different from your first is to change up the theme. This may be tricky if you really enjoyed your last theme, but starting fresh in a new relationship is always a good thing. Try to think of a theme or scheme of colors that you both like, so that the wedding is a reflection of the two of you (and not something from your past). Once you have decided on the theme, the wedding will begin to take on a life of its own and become something that is crafted uniquely by the two of you!

      The Belle

      Ring: The Belle

      Don't be afraid to include favorites

      As much as you want this wedding to be new and different, there is nothing wrong with including past favorites too. If you really loved the flavor of cake from your last wedding, or enjoyed dancing at your last reception, it's okay to include those in your big day as well. You don’t want the ceremony to be an exact copy of your past, but it’s okay to include your favorite things. Your wedding should be everything you dreamed it would be, and if that includes some repeats, then that's perfectly fine!

      Woman's fingers holding The Bliss and The Zoey

      Rings: The Zoey, The Bliss

      Get affordable wedding rings

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        The I Do, The Sadie, and The Titan

        Take risks and try new things

          A new marriage means new chances. A second or third wedding means a chance to do something in your ceremony or reception that you haven’t done before. Take this chance to include an element into your day that you haven’t previously. Maybe you never had the option to dance at your first wedding, or maybe you want to incorporate a game into this reception. Whatever you decide to do, remember that trying something new could be fun and a great memory of the wedding day.

          The Cambria and The Paige

          Rings: The Cambria, The Paige

          Include family in the wedding

            A lot of times, when people get remarried, they bring children from a previous marriage into the new one. A great way to honor the new family you are creating is to incorporate those children into your ceremony. They could have roles such as being bridesmaids or groomsmen. Or if they are younger, they could be the flower girl or ring bearer. If you don’t want them in the actual ceremony, you could always pay a tribute to them at the reception. Maybe you don’t have kids, but have lost a loved one since your first wedding. You could pay a tribute to them as well, or find something of theirs and include it in your wedding decor or outfit. Honoring loved ones from the past is a wonderful way to start your future together.

            The Alexandria and The Emma

            Rings: The Alexandria, The Emma

            Put personality into it

              This may be a new wedding, but you are still you! You still have taste and preferences and things that make you unique, and so does your fiancé/e. Including elements of both your personalities in the wedding day will help bring the focus to the two of you. You can still have this wedding feel different from your first, without making it so different that it's not your style. Your friends and family will love to see the little personality touches throughout the day, and will be a constant reminder of two different people becoming one.

              The Mia and The One and Only

              Rings: The Mia, The One and Only

              Don’t shortchange the ceremony

                You may be thinking that because your first wedding ceremony was big, this wedding needs to be small. Or you may be thinking that because you had a certain food at your last wedding, the food at this wedding needs to be different. No matter if this is your second or third marriage, it’s important to give yourself permission to have the wedding of your dreams. Do things the way you want, regardless of how you did them the first time. This marriage is its own, and deserves to be celebrated the way you want it.

                The Daisy in rose gold

                Ring: The Daisy

                Go on a honeymoon

                Similar to not shortchanging the ceremony, don't feel like you can’t go on a honeymoon if you’ve been on one before. Go somewhere new, or someplace you have always wanted to go but never had the chance. Or go someplace you’ve been before and can't wait to visit with your fiancé/e. Just because this may not be your first marriage does not mean that you can’t celebrate it and go on a honeymoon.

                Woman's fingers holding The Meadow

                Ring: The Meadow

                Keep it about the two of you

                  At the end of the day, no matter how many marriages you have had before, this marriage is about you and your fiancé/e. This new wedding is a day to celebrate the two of you coming together, and meeting each other right where you are. Don’t let the past dictate your new life together. Keep the day about the two of you, because that is what the wedding is all about. It’s inevitable that you will compare this wedding to your last, but try not to let that comparison rob you of the joy that this marriage will bring.

                  The Evermore set and The Titan in rose gold
                  Rings: The Evermore set, The Titan

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