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The Benefits of Getting Married

With so many factors changing the current state of the world, millennials are wondering if marriage is right for them.

After all, the thought of committing to one person for the rest of your life is kind of terrifying...right? And who wants to put a label on anything nowadays? Fortunately, there are still lots of reasons to get married! If you've been on the fence about whether or not marriage is right for you, check out some of these benefits:

Woman's left hand wearing The Rose set on ring finger

Rings: The Rose

Legal Benefits 

  1. Health Insurance: If you’re married, you have the option to join your spouse’s health insurance plan and receive a family rate. This is especially helpful if one spouse is currently unemployed, a stay at home parent or their employer does not provide health insurance.
  2. Lower Home and Car Insurance Rates: To put it simply, married couples get better rates for both home and car insurance. Car insurance companies consider married couples as a safer bet than a single person, and their prices will reflect that. It’s not uncommon for home insurance companies to present you with a lower rate once you tell them you have a spouse. Of course, you should always shop around to get the best rates, but don’t be shy about showing the ring on your finger. It could save you a couple hundred.
  3. Legal Decision Making: If you’ve ever watched Grey’s Anatomy or any other medical show, then you know how important this is. You could be dating for 20 years, but unless you are married, you won’t be able to legally make medical decisions for them. Once you are married, your spouse can make medical decisions on behalf of you if you are sick or incapacitated. They are also able to take legal action to sue for wrongful death on your behalf.
Woman's left hand wearing The Victoria and The Zoey on ring finger

Rings: The Zoey, The Victoria

Emotional Benefits

  1. CompanionshipCompanionship is a huge benefit to being married. Coming home to your best friend every night, and waking up to them every morning will be sure to put a smile on your face. Having your husband or wife around when the going gets tough is bound to help you feel less lonely. You’ll also feel more secure in your relationship.
  2. Anti-Aging EffectsDid you know that marriage has anti-aging effects? People in a trusting and committed relationship live much longer than those who are divorced or single. This stable relationship allows both parties to express themselves, feel heard, and feel loved. That emotional support is unmatched, and couples who have that are sure to grow old together.
  3. Higher Levels of Happiness, Lower Levels of Stress: While no relationship is perfect, it’s proven that married couples have higher levels of happiness along with lower levels of stress. This is because couples will often help their partner to overcome negative habits while commending them for their positive qualities. This closeness results in higher levels of serotonin and testosterone, which help to maintain mood balance and decrease depression.
Woman's left hand wearing The Sofia on ring finger

Ring: The Sofia

Marriage isn't for everyone, but it might be for you!

Although any big step can be scary, marriage can be rewarding and beneficial. If you think you and your partner are ready for that commitment, be sure to shop Modern Gents for the full collection of inexpensive & affordable engagement rings and wedding bands! Weddings and marriage don't need to be expensive despite what we've been told growing up. If you're looking to take the next step, start it off right!