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The Benefits of Shopping for Your Engagement Ring Together

Decision making is never easy, even for the most logical of people.

Deciding on vacations, dinner, or job offers are complicated enough, but buying an engagement ring? The possibilities are endless, and your poor sweetheart may feel like they're in way over their head.

Woman's left hand wearing The I Do on ring finger
Ring: The I Do

This is one reason why many couples have decided to forgo tradition and go ring shopping together. However, is this the right choice for you? Let’s look at a few reasons why shopping for your engagement ring together is beneficial!

Less Pressure On Both Of You

Going shopping together takes the pressure off both parties. The groom doesn’t have to blindly pick a ring, and the bride doesn’t have to pretend that she likes a ring she hates. They’ll both have a clear view of each other’s tastes, and the bride is much more likely to end up with a ring that she’s proud to show off.

Woman's left hand wearing The Bliss set on ring finger

Rings: The Bliss

It’ll Be A Perfect Fit

The last thing you want is a beautiful ring that doesn’t fit on her finger. While some girls know their ring size like the back of their hand (get it), others have no clue. Going together to try on rings will ensure that it’ll be a smooth fit when you pop the question.

Woman's fingers holding The Grace

Ring: The Grace

Empower Your Other Half

Leaving ring shopping to the guy is so last century. Your other half will feel empowered by knowing she had a say in the matter. When she shows it off to her friends and family, she can feel confident in her choice and know that she got a ring she’s truly happy with.

Woman's left hand wearing The Evermore set on ring finger

Rings: The Evermore

You Have Options - But You’ll Still Be Surprised

Many people think going ring shopping together takes away the element of surprise, but this isn’t always true. Some couples go shopping together and narrow it down to a few choices, but leave the final ring a surprise for the big day.

Woman's left hand wearing The Belle on ring finger

Ring: The Belle

It’ll Make The Proposal More Special

Proposals are always special, but being proposed to with the perfect ring? She’ll be sure to let a few tears slip when she sees how well you know her and how much you considered her preferences as well.

Woman's left hand wearing The Sofia and The Forever on ring finger

Rings: The Sofia, The Forever

A Less Risky Proposal

There is much less risk in the proposal when you shop for your engagement ring together. You’ll get the chance to talk about where you both stand on marriage, and the chances of her being caught off guard are much lower. She’s also much more likely to say yes!

Woman's left hand wearing The Alexandria on ring finger

Ring: The Alexandria

You’re Both In Agreement on The Budget

If you’re shopping for rings together, you’ll both have a clear idea of how much you can afford to spend. Discussing this amount before you go shopping is pertinent, as you’re less likely to be swayed by overeager ring salesmen.

If you’d like to skip the in-person pressure altogether, do some shopping online! Modern Gents has a huge collection of beautiful, yet affordable engagement rings that are sure to make any future bride happy.

Woman's left hand wearing The Eternity and The Lovely

Rings: The Eternity, The Lovely

If you’re already engaged, did you and your fiancé/e go ring shopping together? How did it go? Let us know in the comments down below!