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The Most Common Wedding Fights Between Couples (and How to Avoid Them)

Ahh, wedding planning.

It's the last major hurdle you need to cross before saying “I do” with the love of your life. However, it’s at this stage that couples find themselves questioning everything about their relationship.

The Belle engagement ring

Ring: The Belle

While disagreements are inevitable, there are ways that you can avoid them or squash them as quickly as they arise. To help you during your wedding planning process, we put together six of the most common wedding fights between couples and how you can avoid them.

Fight #1: Sticking to the Budget

The sooner you agree on a budget, the less chance there is for someone to spend hundreds of dollars on something they shouldn’t have. Sit down with each other and agree on a hard stopping point for every area of the wedding. While you may both need to compromise, it’ll pay off later when you’re experiencing wedding planning bliss.

Woman's hands holding The Star Light and The Mia

Rings: The Star Light, The Mia

One way to stay within your budget is to opt for an affordable ring for both the bride and groom. Thankfully for you, going cheaper doesn’t mean that you can’t get the ring of your dreams. Modern Gents offers beautiful and ethical rings that are perfect for any couple. Check out our vast collection here!

Fight #2: Dealing With Outside Influences

Wedding planning is stressful enough without dealing with all the outside influences. It seems that everyone has an opinion that they can't wait to share with you. Rather than snapping at everyone and each other, take a deep breath and try to work together.

The Layla and The Chloe

Rings: The Layla, The Chloe

See where you can include other people's preferences and figure out where you will hold your ground. Make decisions together and remember that this is your day and that you both have the final say.

Fight #3: Balancing Planning Duties

It's all too easy for the bride to feel like she's planning the entire day herself. The lack of input from your future spouse may have you feeling like they don't care about the day at all.

Woman's fingers holding The Alexandria

Ring: The Alexandria

To combat this, try and find out what they're interested in and ask for their opinion on that. For example, if they don't have an opinion on table liners, ask him about the DJ. If they don't have an opinion on silverware, ask them for help deciding on the caterer. This day is special for both of you, so you should both feel equally included every step of the way.

Fight #4: Issues With In-Laws

Communication styles vary wildly within families, and issues with in-laws are one of the biggest causes of wedding fights between couples. He doesn't understand your dad, you don't understand his mom, and at the end of the day, everyone's frustrated.

The Sadie and The I Do

Rings: The Sadie, The I Do

Instead of speaking with each other's parents when you're angry, take time to calm down, and think logically about the situation. Choose your words carefully and speak at a time when both parties are calm and collected. Assure them that you love them and you want them to be included in your day but that you will be making the final decisions.

Fight #5: Deciding on the Guest List

The guest list is a huge point of contention during the wedding planning process. Your mother-in-law may want to invite Sam, Sally, and Sue from her hometown, and you want to keep it small and personal.

Woman's fingers holding The Bliss and The Zoey in rose gold

Rings: The Bliss, The Zoey

If you're worried about the cost, sit down with your future spouse, and make a list of everyone you want to invite. Figure out what a realistic headcount is and how much it will cost. Remove the emotion from the decision-making and be rational. At the end of the day, you want people there who you love and will be in your future, so use that as the standard.

Fight #6: Wedding Aesthetics

While some brides struggle to get their groom to show any interest in details, other grooms are so invested that you can’t agree on anything. If you find yourself constantly arguing about the aesthetics of your wedding, it may be time for some serious compromise. Try to meet each other halfway and agree to disagree at times when necessary. You can’t have your way on every single aspect of the big day, so do your best to meet in the middle.

The Enchanted and The Giselle
Rings: The Enchanted, The Giselle