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The Perfect Rings for a Summer Wedding
The summer bride is a special kind of woman. She has a personality that shines like the sun, with a free spirit that complements the carefree nature of the season. To keep the memory of this warmth alive all year long, she needs an affordable engagement ring that captures the essence of summer. These rings are up to the task:

The Meadow 🌿

Woman's left hand wearing The Meadow on ring finger

Nature comes alive in the summertime. It encourages frolics through the forest and lazing the days away in a clearing, listening to the birds and feeling a cool breeze running by. The Meadow captures all of this beautifully. A 2 carat simulated diamond is made all the more striking by the surrounding leaf-shaped stones that speak of fairytales, forests, and true love.

The Rose 🌹

Woman's holding champagne glass wearing The Rose set

For the romantic at heart, roses symbolize everlasting love and eternal devotion. They also happen to bloom beautifully through spring and summer. The Rose, with its round cut and halo design, is the perfect representation of the flower of love. The summer bride, with her passionate heart, will appreciate both the beauty and the power of such a symbol.

The Daisy 🌼

Woman wearing The Daisy engagement ring in rose gold

Sweet and simple, daisies are the innocents of the flower world. Many a summer bride has wandered through fields of daisies to fashion a crown of blooms and declare herself princess of the wildflowers. Now that she’s your princess, give her something better than a flower crown - a 1 carat pear shaped ring from the Petite Collection. In silver or rose gold, The Daisy’s sublime radiance stands out without the need to be big or flashy - it remains lovely and understated, like the flower it takes after.

The Starlight 🌟

Married couple's hands wearing wedding rings

The clear night skies of summer are perfect for stargazing. Away from the busyness of the city and the harsh lights of the modern world, the heavens open up and reveal thousands of tiny worlds, glimmering like the diamonds of the universe. To recreate this cosmic show, we made The Star Light. Orbited by dozens of tiny stones, the 1.75 carat center simulated diamond shines with the brilliance of a star in both silver and rose gold.

Through meadows, roses, daisies and the night sky, these rings capture the essence of what being a summer bride means. They speak to the sense of wonder, the unapologetic joy, and the unbridled freedom of the season of sunshine. ☀️
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