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The Top 5 Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

Less Money, More Honey

Ahhh, your honeymoon. Quite possibly the most intricately planned event next to your wedding itself! As people of a social media-filled society, it’s safe to say that we’ve all lived vicariously through Snapchat story journeys, Instagram excursions, and even Facebook day trips of different people’s extravagant honeymoons. While Hawaii, Greece, and basically all of Europe are beautiful and desirable destinations, they aren’t very attractive to your bank account. A large majority of people are conditioned to believe that their dream honeymoon = their life savings, and they couldn’t be more wrong!

We at Modern Gents believe in two basic principles:

1. Experience and memories hold more value over material things

2. You shouldn’t have to put a price on love

We’ve put together a mini list of five incredible honeymoon destinations for newlyweds on a budget. They won’t put a huge dent in your wallet, but will give you incredible memories, genuine satisfaction, and ultimately, more bang for your buck!

Pro tip for international flights! ✈️

The way I see it, you have two options when booking a flight: option one, is buying directly from the website of the airline of your choosing to rack up some mileage points (perfect for couples who want to travel more in the future) OR, you can use handy websites like that compile the lowest airfares over a handful of airlines and lines them up conveniently over one page for you to compare. 

Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Beach in Quintana Roo, Mexico
Image Credit: Myran M.

If your dream honeymoon destination is somewhere tropical, consider the crystal clear beaches and vibrant jungles of Tulum - a small town two hours outside of Cancun. In contrast to its party central of a neighbor, Tulum offers a peaceful getaway for honeymooners, filled with white sand, breathtaking views, and some super bomb seafood. Let’s talk details:

When in Tulum, you can choose from one of the many stay accomodations available. Experience pure relaxation in beachfront hostels, hotels, and cabanas, or choose to get cozy in one of the many Airbnb listings. The good thing about either choice, is that they are both highly #Instaworthy, so feel free to snap away all day and edit your selfies alongside a pina colada in a hammock under the palm trees.

No matter what route you decide to take for your accommodations, you (and your bank account) will thank you! Beachfront hotels in Tulum go for approximately $130-$350 a night, while Airbnb’s (both beachfront and more nestled in the town) will have you dishing out a whopping $20-$150 a night! 

Airbnb room

Image Credit:

Pool at an Airbnb

Image Credit:

Upon arrival, you’ll notice that you’ve landed in Cancun. Don’t worry, you didn’t board the wrong flight! There are no actual direct flights to Tulum, so from the airport, you’ll travel approximately 81 miles south to arrive at your destination. Companies like Happy Shuttle Cancun offer rides to and from your honeymoon home starting at $12 per person!

Activities for the newlywed couple are limitless here! While you’re free to get around by car (some places are only accessible by car), Tulum is a bike-friendly city - so save some money and get ya workout in! The seaside restaurants and lively bars are plentiful here, so take your pick at which authentic Mexican cuisine you’d like to try first! For the thrill-seeking couple, Xcaret, Xel-Ha, the Tulum Ruins, and a handful of enchanting cenotes all await you down in Quintana Roo.

Cenote in Quintana Roo, Mexico

Image Credit:

San Juan, Puerto Rico

The cool thing about honeymooning in Puerto Rico, is that you don’t need a passport to enter (if you’re from the U.S., of course). This may alleviate passport costs from your overall honeymoon budget, leaving you some extra cash to allocate elsewhere. The city of San Juan is rich in history, natural attractions, and spirit, making it a wonderful place to spend your honeymoon.

Peak times for Puerto Rico are between December and April, but the weather is at an average of 82 degrees year-round. Puerto Rico’s near perfect weather works well for honeymooners of any season. San Juan boasts countless beachfront accommodations that average about $230 a night. Airbnb’s in San Juan give honeymooners the opportunity to stay not only beachfront, but also within the city or in more remote areas for $25-$120 a night! Whether you want a more authentic or luxurious feel, San Juan has beautiful places to stay for any price point!

Outside of an Airbnb
Image Credit:

Airbnb room

Image Credit: 

Attractions in San Juan range far and wide from touring the city’s historic center and colorful architecture, to the more natural beauties, such as the white sanded beaches and hikes to hidden rock water slides within the El Yunque National Forest. Attractions as such are virtually free (unless you hire a guide), and leave you with more cash to spend!

Street in Puerto Rico

Image Credit: Michelle Rae Uy

Jamaica, Jamaica!

We may be a bit biased toward these tropical destinations, but can you blame us? Clear, blue waters, sunny days, and diverse, cultured environments make for some of the most beautiful honeymoons (not to mention, affordable)! We’re heading to the coveted Caribbean Islands for this next honeymoon hotspot!

Jamaica sits off the coast of Florida, nestled in the Caribbean. Between bamboo raft rides, bars in the middle of the crystal clear ocean, and the friendly locals, the island of Jamaica gives off that relaxed vibe that, believe it or not - pairs perfectly with a budget-friendly honeymoon.

All-inclusive resorts, depending on where and when, may run up your budget, but there are a handful of hotels and Airbnb’s that still give you that romantic ocean view and incomparable island hospitality for a fraction of the expected price! With a price range of $17-$200 a night, any potential honeymooners can find a place that is juuust right for their stay.

Airbnb room in nature

Image Credit:


Pool at airbnb

Image Credit:


Room in airbnb

Image Credit:

Activities range far and wide, as there is truly so much to take in while here. If you desire to stick to the beaches and touristy spots, there’s an endless array for you to choose from. However, if you’re looking to explore past the alluring beaches and towering palm trees, immerse yourself within the heart of Jamaica through Airbnb Experiences - where locals curate activities that radiate authenticity and entertainment! Posed as listings on Airbnb, honeymooners have the chance to book times to learn how to make jerk chicken in a Rasta food cooking class, go on a guided rainforest adventure, or even take a night out on the town to visit all of the best Dancehalls! All experiences offer different days/times and detailed itineraries, all while you’re out with a knowledgeable guide that can turn into a genuine friend by the end of the day.


Bbq chicken

Image Credit:


Body of water

Image Credit:

California Road Trippin’

As a company based out of Southern California, we can vouch for our state living up to its name: we are G O L D E N. Whether you’re all the way down in San Diego or pushing upwards in Arcata, dipping your toes in the blue waters of Malibu, or trekking the Sierra Nevada, California is packed with a myriad of things to do and an abundance of magnificent things to see. If you’re a Californian, or if you’ve ever heard about the state, you’re well aware that IT IS DAMN PRICEY. With this being said, how does California even make our list? With helpful tools such as Turo, Airbnb, and a bit of organization, road tripping up and down the Golden Coast with your one and only can prove to be an alternative, yet enchanting honeymoon experience.

Let’s start with your transportation for the trip. The Turo app is essentially Airbnb for cars: you input your travel dates, time, and location, and the app will present hundreds of available options. Our advice is to select an economical car, such as a Prius or a Honda, so that you take the most advantage of California’s ridiculous gas prices.

Turo Tip: filter out options that don’t offer unlimited mileage! You’re going to be driving quite a bit. 🚘

View in Los Angeles

Image Credit:

With the average honeymoon lasting 10-14 days, scheduling destinations across the state can be done with ease. Let’s assume you’re starting in Southern California. No matter what your combined interests are, Los Angeles is a great place to start because it offers a little taste of everything. Nightlife? Sunset Boulevard is home to a multitude of bars and clubs that boast swanky interiors and fabulous views. Want to see a good show? LA is home to award-winning venus like the Hollywood Bowl and The Forum. The City of Angels even has multiple national parks, scenic beaches, and hikes for its nature buff couples. Staying at an Airbnb location not only alleviates cost, but also allows you to sleep in DTLA lofts, hip pool homes, and a variety of other hidden gems, making your stay in LA that much more memorable.

Concert in Los Angeles

Image Credit:

Heading upwards, you can make stops in Santa Barbara, Ojai, Montecito, and other less populated beach cities -- a perfect opportunity for romance and alone time. Again, Airbnb will play a crucial role in keeping this trip on the cheaper side, so be sure to do your research on which listings are best for your budget. Northern California boasts cities such as the state’s capital, Sacramento, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and the ever eclectic San Francisco. Similarly to Los Angeles, Northern California has something “just right” for just about anyone! Feel free to indulge in the touristy things: Golden Gate Bridge, museums, the Painted Ladies. Be a foodie and try fresh seafood or some really good pizza (link me). Take walks and meet some genius hipsters in Berkeley, or ride the roller coasters at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. National parks are also in abundance up here, so be sure to spend a day to take in the glorious beauty of Yosemite and Lake Tahoe.

Try Thailand!

Thailand is on every millenial’s list of places to travel, largely in part because it is inexpensive and offers both places of adventure and prime relaxation. With 4-star hotels totaling out to a mere $100 or less a night and Airbnb homes/condos going for even cheaper, there’s no need to compromise the luxury you desire on a honeymoon to alleviate cost!

Since you’ll likely be landing in Bangkok, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the the ins and outs of the city, and you’ll want a day or two to do so! The lively streets of Bangkok will introduce Thai street food, performances, massages, street vendors, and so much more within the innermost crevices of the city. To put how far your money will stretch in Thailand into perspective: $1 dollar is worth 31.17 Thai Baht. With a standard Thai meal ranging from 90-150 Baht, you can imagine that the idea of a budget-friendly honeymoon in Thailand is entirely doable.

Nightlife in Thailand

Image Credit:

Market in Bangkok

Image Credit:

Aside from the metropolitan hub of Bangkok, Thailand offers many blissful destinations for you to visit during your honeymoon. Enter paradise when you visit Phuket, a captivating beach with the clearest of waters and the greenest of landscapes. For affordable prices, you can scuba dive, see shows, eat authentic Thai cuisine, or, best of all - do nothing! Walking along the white sanded shore with your sweetheart, accompanied by a majestic sunset will prove to be a lovely activity in itself. Thailand is also home to the Krabi province, which is made up of 130 different islands that offer some of Thailand's wildest party scenes, to its most tranquil of nature.

Boat in Thailand
Image Credit:

So there you have it! If you're looking to save some money on wedding rings too, feel free to check out our collection of affordable wedding and engagement rings!

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Happy Honeymoon!

📝 Post Author: Kryxiane R.