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Things No One Tells You About After Getting Engaged

Congrats, you’re engaged!

There’s so much to do now that you’re soon-to-be wed, and it’s a completely different experience that nothing can really prepare you for. That being said, here are a few things that no one tells you about after getting engaged:

You might encounter some jealous friends or family.

Woman's left hand wearing The Victoria and The Zoey on ring finger

Ring: The Zoey, The Victoria

While most of your loved ones will be excited for you, don’t be surprised if there are a few who aren’t so happy! Getting engaged is a huge milestone, and like many great achievements there are always going to be some people who might not want to celebrate that. Don’t take it too personally, it’s just life!

You won’t be able to stop staring at your ring.

Woman's left hand wearing The Cambria on ring finger

Ring: The Cambria

This one’s here to tell you to be careful! So many newly engaged gals are so entranced with their ring that it’s all too easy to get into an accident! Be careful when you’re driving especially – we know that your ring looks so pretty in the light but eyes on the road, sister!

Your love for wedding movies will go up.

Woman's left hand wearing The Alexandria on ring finger

Ring: The Alexandria

If you weren’t a fan of wedding movies before, getting engaged might convert you. These chick flicks will be that much more relatable – you’ll laugh at fond memories of your own wedding planning and cringe at over-dramatic scenes that you can relate to a bit too much. Either way, those wedding movies you always used to scroll by on your Netflix may just become some of your favorites!

You’ll get so excited when your loved ones start getting engaged.

Woman's left hand wearing The Rose set on ring finger

Ring: The Rose

This is probably one of the best parts. You’ll relish in your loved ones’ excitement because you remember exactly how you felt in that moment! You understand the importance of marriage and being committed to someone, you’ll understand the frustration and stress that comes with planning a wedding. You can be there for them because you’ve been through it!

Looking for rings?

Woman's left hand wearing The Sofia on ring finger

Ring: The Sofia

Many modern brides are turning to inexpensive and affordable engagement rings and wedding bands! One big lesson after getting engaged is that in the end, it’s not about the price of the ring (or any material items, really), but the value of the love that you and your partner share.

But affordable doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style – check out the full collection at Modern Gents for rings that look like a million bucks, but are, quite literally, a fraction of the cost!