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Timeless Spring Wedding Trends
Love is in the air! Or is that a hint of spring? June might be known as the wedding month, but spring holds a special place. It signals the beginning, an awakening of the world, and marriage is much the same - it represents the start of a brand new life. If you’re looking for ways to embrace the season in your wedding, these are timeless classics:

Pastel Shades

Bride and bridal party wearing pastel dresses

Image Credit: Pinterest

It does seem like a cliche, but pastels are associated with spring for a reason. After the dark and dreary winter months, the world slowly awakens. Spring is a time of blossoming - so the colors, like flowers, slowly release their beauty. Thus, the muted versions of lively colors still to come in summer suit the mood of spring perfectly. 

Floral Prints

White floral wedding cake

Groundbreaking, the thought of florals in spring. But why not? Love and marriage represent new beginnings, just like spring. To gently incorporate floral prints without overdoing it, use subtle touches: the groomsmen’s bowties, on the invitations, to decorate the cake, etc.

Bold Bouquets and Garlands

Colorful wedding bouquet

Image Credit: Pinterest

It’s the season of flowers, after all! Display them in all their glory; gorgeous reds, fiery oranges, demure pinks and rich blues. Don’t shy away from any shade - a spring bouquet is meant to stand out. And to keep the garden spirit alive, use garlands in your decor for added greenery.

Navy and Gray Suits

Groom and groomsmen

Image Credit: Pinterest

Dark suits are formal and always classy. Of course, spring is a time of joy and frivolity, which a buttoned up formal look just doesn’t convey. Suits with a blue hue and neutral shades like gray are playful (as far as formal wear goes). They also provide the perfect backdrop for the previously mentioned pastel shades and floral prints.

Bold Bridesmaid’s Dresses

Bride and bridal party wearing coral dresses

Image Credit: Pinterest

Don’t worry brides. By bold, we don’t mean overshadowing. Think of one of the more stunning floral shades, such as a vibrant blue or coral (which happens to be “color of the year”). Your wedding will be a festival of creativity and color, and your friends just might love you even more for choosing dresses that flatter rather than offend.

It’s not hard to see why spring weddings are popular. Hopefully these ideas have helped in your wedding plans, or inspired you to take a second look at the season of flowers and frolicking. Happy Planning! 💐💍💕