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Tips for a Beautiful Micro Wedding

Picture this: it’s your big day.

You’re getting ready with your wedding party, and you can’t wait to walk out and see everyone. When you do, instead of seeing a giant crowd of familiar and not-so-familiar faces, you see your closest friends and dearest family members, each one special to you and your (almost) spouse. After you say “I do” and gather at the reception, you’re not bombarded by a sea of well-wishers but instead get to hug every single guest and thank them individually for being there for you.

Bride and groom holding hands

This is just a taste of all the benefits micro weddings have to offer, and they’re quickly gaining in popularity thanks to how much simpler and more intimate they make the process of getting married. If you’ve chosen to plan a micro wedding, here are some tips to make it a great one:

What is a micro wedding?

Micro weddings, a.k.a. minimonies, are weddings with an extremely tiny guest list. These types of events are trending because of the amount of money you save as well as the ability to social distance and take extra precautions during the pandemic!

Married couple's hands in front of floral bouquet
Rings: The Titan, The Desire, The One and Only

1. Choose Your Guest List (Extra) Carefully

It should come as no surprise that this is the most important aspect of planning a micro wedding. Who you invite will set the tone, so this probably isn’t the time to invite the cousins you only met once or the distant relatives who have a tendency to fight every time they’re in public together. Most micro weddings have less than 30 guests, so decide who is at the top of the list. Who will make your wedding day complete?

Wedding guest book

2. Think Outside the Box for Your Venue

A smaller guest list means more venue possibilities, so get creative! Maybe you can have that destination wedding you’ve always wanted, or choose a more intimate setting. You could even consider getting married in the backyard of your childhood home or your favorite park. You definitely want to double check that your venue can hold everyone, even with a smaller guest list.

Wedding table during sunset

3. Make Your Guests Feel Special

Now is the time to show your guests just how special they are! You’ll have more money in the budget for personal touches like handwritten name cards, personalized gifts, and one-on-one time. Your guests are the people you care about most, so show them you appreciate that they’re there for you.

Wedding party

4. Always Hire a Photographer

You might be tempted to ditch the “extras” for a micro wedding, and while some things like save-the-dates can go, you absolutely must have a photographer. It’s your wedding! No matter how big or small the guest list is, you’ll want to remember your day—preferably in focus.

Wedding photographer

5. Decide Which Traditions to Keep

Some traditions are better suited to large weddings, such as the flower toss. Decide early on if there are any traditions you want to keep, and which ones you’re comfortable skipping. You don’t have to cater to a large crowd, so think of traditions that are more intimate and special that you can share with a select few.

Woman's left hand wearing The Lovely on ring finger

Ring: The Lovely

6. Fancy-up the Food

Feeding a crowd can get expensive, which is why those planning a large wedding sometimes have to make some sacrifices as far as the menu goes. Not with a micro wedding, though! Since you’ll be feeding fewer people, you can think a little bigger and plan something more akin to a dinner party than a free-for-all.

Wedding food

7. Personalize Your Vows

Couples are sometimes hesitant to exchange personal vows for fear of making any guest feel excluded, but you don’t have to worry about that when you plan a micro wedding! Everyone will know you both very well and will appreciate hearing vows that are more relevant to your relationship.

Bride reading vows

8. Opt for Affordable Rings

Micro weddings are great for those with a smaller budget, so think about other areas you can cut costs to keep your wedding expenses reasonable. One often overlooked area of unnecessary expense is the wedding rings. Instead of blowing thousands on overpriced diamonds, take a look at more affordable rings that provide just as much sparkle without the cost. The more you save on rings, the more you can put towards your new life.

Couple wearing The Titan, The Daisy, and The Zoey in rose gold
Rings: The Titan, The Daisy, The Zoey

Would you consider having a micro wedding?

What are the pros & cons to having such a small wedding? Let us know your thoughts down below!


  • Laura B

    We’re having a mini wedding ourselves. I estimate 50 people or less will be there. It’s definitely saving us on costs!

  • Alyssa Merz

    I love this idea, getting personal with each guest I invite😊