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Tips on Keeping Your Wedding Safe and Socially Distant

Anyone who’s planned a wedding in 2020 will tell you that they had to think outside the box.

Many of the traditional wedding events and activities have been changed or scrapped altogether to create safe and socially distant weddings.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have the wedding of your dreams. Please note: before finalizing any plans, you need to check what the regulations are for weddings in your area. With those in mind, here are seven tips for keeping your wedding safe and socially distant!

The Sadie and The I Do

Rings: The Sadie, The I Do

1. Create Wedding Themed Masks

The first thing every socially distant wedding needs is face masks. Although your guests may choose to bring their own, why not make it more fun with some wedding-themed masks? The masks can feature your date and initials and also match the colors of your wedding! Get as creative as you'd like and have your ushers pass them out as your guests arrive.

Wedding guest wearing face mask

2. Space Out Your Seating

For smaller weddings get creative with your seating arrangements. Consider seating couples and families together, and close friends in groups of 4 or less. This way, everyone is seated with people they feel comfortable sharing that space with. Remember to keep the tables spaced out by at least six feet. If your reception is indoors, you can also set up an outdoor lounge for guests to get some fresh air.

Distanced wedding chairs

3. Make Clear Announcements

Give guests a clear idea of what will happen at your wedding by having announcements before and after the ceremony. Outline what safety guidelines they are expected to follow and what you will provide to keep them safe. Setting expectations for their behavior right from the start will set the tone for the entire day. To take it a step further, print out the guidelines on a sheet of paper that's handed out with the rest of the wedding schedule.

The Grace and The Forever

Rings: The Grace, The Forever

4. Skip The Buffet Lines

While buffets are incredibly convenient for weddings, they definitely aren’t the safest. Having guests touch handle after handle is sure to spark some concern. To allay their concerns, offer plated meals to your guests instead. Not only will this make your attendees feel special, but they’ll also get to eat beautifully plated food. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Wedding meal

5. Provide Sanitation Stations

Marked sanitation stations will remind guests to regularly wash their hands and use hand sanitizer. You can also use these areas to provide extra masks or tape measurers to remind guests to stay six feet apart. Providing hand sanitizer at each table is also a thoughtful step to take, so nobody has to get up and venture off if they don't feel comfortable.

Hand sanitizer on wedding table

6. Don’t Worry About A Bar

A bar is a popular place during a wedding. Consider limiting trips to the bar, or remove it from your wedding. Instead, provide carafes at the table or hire attendants to serve tables. This will cut down on foot traffic to and from a bar, and lower the chances of guests coming in close contact with one another!

Wedding drinks

7. Keep Virtual Guests Included

If you had to cut down your guest list, this doesn’t mean that you need to leave out your friends and family who couldn’t make it. Live streaming your wedding lets them feel included and part of your special day. If time allows, be sure to say a few words of thanks for those tuning in. You can even record the stream and allow your virtual guests to say a few words of advice and congratulations.

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