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Our Top 5 Date Night Ideas At Home

Since the majority of people are quarantined right now, it’s hard to think about what can be done with your significant other.

Being stuck inside with your loved one can cause some issues when it comes to finding out date ideas to keep each other happy. Figuring out creative date ideas can help pass the time and keep the relationship spark going while at home.

Couple dancing in kitchen

We wanted to share our top 5 date night ideas you and your significant other can have while you are at home! Having these date nights will not only be fun, but will allow you both to keep that romance spark alive. Feel free to make any of these your own version too!

1. Start Off the Morning with Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast in bed

Waking up and making your significant other breakfast in bed can be the perfect way to start off the day. This would allow both of you some one-on-one time while enjoying a delicious meal. This would be so special considering it’s something most of us cannot do on a normal basis.  A simple egg, bacon, hash brown, or pancake breakfast will go a long way. Also, who doesn’t love being cooked and served food?!

2. Binge Watch Shows On Netflix

Netflix on TV

Catching up on some shows on Netflix is perfect! With all of the great choices, we have narrowed down a quick list of some of our favorite shows to watch with your significant other. Also be sure to check out our post on the top ten bingeable shows!

  • The Circle - Contestants compete to become the most popular influencer while staying in the same apartment complex. However, they only get to communicate over messages and photos..and not everyone is who they seem.
  • Love Is Blind - A social experiment where single men and women are looking for love and get engaged, all before actually meeting in person.
  • The Office - This has to be one of the most popular television series and if you haven’t seen it is the time to do it! This is a mockumentary, handheld camera view, on a group of typical office workers, where the workday consists of ego clashes, inappropriate behavior, and tedium. 
  • Parks and Recreation - Often compared to the famous show The Office, the comedy follows director of Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope, as she tries to please the city of Pawnee and those around her, especially her boss Ron Swanson.
  • Master Of None - Dev, played by comedian Aziz Ansari, is a 30 year-old actor, living in New York City. His life goes by in a humorous, yet meaningful sequence of events. Everything he does is usually related to hanging out with his three friends, finding a relationship, or getting ahead in his career.

3. Listen to Podcasts Together or Audio Books

Couple listening to iPhone with earphones in bed

If you have been putting off reading some books, now’s the time! Reading a book or a comic together has been made so much easier with audio books. It’s a good change from watching television and it will allow you to try something new together. It may even be the start of a daily hobby for the both of you to enjoy after the quarantine ends!

Podcasts are another great solution if audio books aren’t your thing. One interesting podcast we suggest is “Crime Junkie.” This is a show hosted by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat. Debuted in December 2016, this podcast operates out of Indianapolis and examines a variety of unsolved crimes around the country. Plus, if it gets too scary, it's a perfect excuse to cuddle!

4. Board Game Tournament

Couple playing board game

This is the perfect way to entertain yourselves while enjoying each other's company. Gathering a few of your favorite board or card games (and snacks!) will keep you busy for hours and it will allow for some friendly competition! Here’s a list of some great games to play together:

  • Monopoly
  • Sorry
  • Uno
  • Jenga (not a board game but still incredibly fun!)

5. Have an Indoor Picnic

Charcuterie and wine on table

Having a nice picnic with a collection of both of your favorite foods can be so romantic. Putting your phone away and getting rid of all distractions will bring you and your significant other closer. With only a few simple ingredients, you can create your own perfect picnic. You don’t need much to do this either! Make it your own based on each individual's interests and you'll be sure to have an amazing time! 

  • Blanket
  • Snacks (Cheese, Crackers, etc)
  • Fruit
  • Wine

It’s as easy as that!

Couple kissing

You don’t need a lot to make a great date nite while being at home. If you have an idea for a date nite at home, make sure to leave a comment below telling us what you are doing. Remember to stay safe and take care of one another. Thank you for continuing to support us here at Modern Gents!