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Top 5 Tips on Throwing a Fun (But Affordable) Bachelorette Party

August 03, 2018

Top 5 Tips on Throwing a Fun (But Affordable) Bachelorette Party

The bachelorette party is just one of many events surrounding a wedding, and thanks to some new trends, it’s becoming the most expensive part of a wedding as well. It’s easy for this celebration to turn into a massive event that leaves people in debt, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are 5 tips for throwing a fun, yet affordable bachelorette party:


Keep the bride in mind

Make a list of the bride’s interests and wonderful memories you have with her. Use that list as a starting point to brainstorm an event that will make her feel special and loved. Every part of the evening should center around her and the things she loves. You can also sit down with her and get straight from the source what she is dreaming of. Sometimes, lavishness and male anatomy-themed decor in excess isn’t what she wants. Circling in on what she truly wants for her big day can alleviate unnecessary costs and allow the bridal party to focus solely on the bride’s utmost desires.


Set a budget

After making your list or talking to the bride, it is vital to discuss with the rest of the bridal party to see how much each of you are willing to spend. This will help give the event some direction. The costs of being involved in a wedding can add up quick and it’s easy for people to become resentful at how much money they are expected to shell out. Setting a number ahead of time leaves no surprises for people and lets you know your options. 


Keep it local

Image Credit: Advice From a 20 Something

Instagram and Facebook are scattered with pictures of people jetting off to exotic places for bachelorette weekends, but there are plenty of ways to have a memorable night right at home! Save money on flights and hotels and do an overnight at someone’s house. If the guests are scattered across the country try to book the event a couple of days before the wedding when they are already in town. 

Alternatively- If the bride is set on a weekend away, cut costs by traveling in the off season. Flights and hotel costs will be cheaper at certain parts of the year depending on where your traveling to. Skip the hotels altogether and go in on an luxurious Airbnb together.


Get creative with the activities

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Go back to your list and really think about the bride. Does she love the great outdoors? Book a campsite and grab a tent and some food to cook over the fire. Embrace her favorite things/places with a scavenger hunt. Is she into CSI or Law and Order? Plan a murder mystery dinner complete with costumes and themed food. Is the wedding planning really just stressing her out? Plan a spa night at someone’s house. Fun does not have to come with an infinite amounts of dollar signs.


Cut down or skip the gifts

Costs shoot way up when a gifts are included in the party. Go in together on a couple of nice pieces of lingerie to keep the individual costs down. Or, get creative with gifts that don’t cost much. Have each person bring something that holds some meaning between them and the bride; turn it into a game and see if the bride can guess who brought each item. You can also check out Pinterest for cute DIY ideas the bride will love! 

A great bachelorette party is meaningful and out of the ordinary. Focus on those two things and it will be a fun night to remember no matter what you spend! 💕

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