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Top Budget Spring Break Destinations

March 08, 2019

Top Budget Spring Break Destinations

College kids and families alike rejoice when spring break arrives. It’s a time to reset, relax, rejuvenate, and remind ourselves that a vacation is long overdue. When the winter blues hold fast, there’s no better antidote than warm sunshine, beautiful beaches, and new scenery. If you think a tropical vacation is out of the question, think again! The luxury resorts and sky-high prices of fancier locations might make you think you can’t afford paradise, but there are several islands that cater to those with more realistic budgets in mind, along with a few destinations in the states. Check them out below!


Dominican Republic

If your spring break dreams include white sandy beaches without the snooty mega-rich feel of some of the more ritzy islands, the Dominican Republic is an excellent choice. As far as Caribbean islands go, it’s arguably the most affordable. It is host to a plethora of all inclusive resorts, many of which are extremely budget friendly. You can also find great food, gorgeous waterfalls, and a thriving nightlife scene. 


Searching for a vacation destination in the Caribbean that doesn’t feel like your typical island retreat? Curacao fits the bill. The architecture has a decidedly Dutch feel thanks to colonization influences, and the island itself offers something for everyone - you don’t have to spend your entire vacation at a resort or on the beach. During the shoulder seasons (spring and fall), prices for round trip flights and hotels drop in half. 


Jamaica has a unique culture that draws in vacationers from around the globe. With water sports of every variety, exotic foods, and gorgeous natural features, it’s a tropical paradise for adventure lovers and beach bums alike. Like most of the Caribbean islands, Jamaica is packed with all-inclusive resorts - but remember, that’s not the only way to go.

New Orleans, LA

Who says you have to do a tropical destination for spring break? If dancing the night away sounds more appealing than lounging on a beach, New Orleans is the place for you. It has a culture all its own, and the people of the city are proud of their traditions. Festivals abound, the food is incredible, and there’s something new to discover around every corner.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Who would think of South Carolina as the ideal spring break destination? Myrtle Beach boasts miles of beautiful beaches, incredible seafood, warm spring temperatures, and activities for everyone. If you want to escape the party scene that characterizes many tropical destinations during spring break, family friendly Myrtle Beach is the place to be.

Everyone needs to take time out to enjoy life. Whether you’re partying it up in the Caribbean, relaxing by the shore in South Carolina, or exploring the vibrant city of New Orleans, don’t forget to appreciate the fact that you have the freedom to see the world. Let nothing stop you! ✈️☀️💎

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