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Travel Rings - Revisited!

July 20, 2018

Travel Rings - Revisited!

Is there anything more thrilling than setting out on a journey with your one and only at your side? A vast world filled with possibilities is laid out before the two of you, and after determining the destination, only one question remains - what do you do with your wedding rings? 🤔 Continue reading to learn some reasons you should use travel wedding rings on your trip!

There are dozens of reasons why you don’t want to take your expensive rings with you, chief among them the fact that a small valuable is remarkably easy to lose track of. Imagine the panic of dropping your ring down the drain, multiplied by 100 when you realize that the last place you saw it was in a foreign country thousands of miles away.

The Solution

Enter the travel ring. This trend has always been in the background, but is steadily gaining popularity as more and more couples hit the road in search of adventure. These rings can take a beating - they’ll stick with you as you climb to Machu Picchu, float down the Venice canals, or traverse the French countryside. Whatever your couple travel style, there’s a ring to match.

Why Travel Rings are the Bomb

Read any travel-related advice article, and you’ll see one tip stick out in all of them - DO NOT carry valuables when travelling, and never flash your cash. Along with backpacks and the white shirt-cargo short-tennis shoe combo, flaunting your dough marks you as a tourist, and an easy target. What’s more conspicuous than a big, shiny diamond ring? Travel rings are simple, saying nothing more than “I’m married, love to travel, and have great taste in jewelry.”

The other upside to travel rings is durability. Travel is tough on the mind, body, and your belongings. Who wants to spend a small fortune on something that’s going to be scuffed, scraped, banged and beaten? Instead, you can trust in the durable materials that make up many travel rings: titanium and stainless steel.

Why It’s Important to Wear a Ring Wherever You Go

The easy solution most couples think of when deciding what to do with their rings when they travel is to simply ditch them altogether. While this is a perfectly acceptable option, there are a few reasons to opt for travel rings instead: 

Safety - this applies mainly to women, but a tip that single gals have often used to avoid harassment while in a foreign country is to pull the old ‘fake husband’ routine. Apparently, a man is still required for protection.
Ghost Ring Syndrome - it’s a thing. Many married couples who go without rings for a time find that the distraction of not having a ring where they are used to one is enough to drive one bonkers.
Love - travel is stressful. When the going gets rough, and you find yourself wondering why you’re stuck on a tin can in the air next to someone who snores, chews loudly, and takes up the entire arm rest, you can look at your ring as a reminder that the bond you two share means more than all the overhead luggage space in the world. Bon Voyage. ✈️💕

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