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Upgrade Your Cozy: Staying Cute & Comfy During Quarantine

Let’s face it, we tend to look our worst when we’re in the comfort of our own home.

With our sleeping schedules out of sync, our diets out the window, and sweatpants being a hundred times more comfy than a pair of jeans, the quarantine version of ourselves might not be our best selves.

But who can blame us? This unexpected turn of events hit suddenly and hit hard. Thankfully, there’s still a way that we can be cozy during quarantine while still looking our best!

First thing’s first: why bother looking nice during quarantine?

Woman applying clay face mask

Remember this age old equation? Looking good = feeling good.

And when you feel good, you’re bound to make better choices with your time, your diet, and your daily habits. Once you start slipping up on taking care of yourself and getting ready, it can be hard to be bothered to put in effort into anything you do.

Sure you might get some work done while you’re in your old ratty pajamas, but let’s face it: when you’re dressed in that stained, starting to smell t-shirt, you’d much rather crawl into bed and scroll through Instagram – and you might give in to it. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us!

On the flip side, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort in order to look presentable! You’re still at home after all, there’s no need to be uncomfortable.


Pink cozy clothing and makeup brushes

Here’s the skinny: cute loungewear exists!

If you’re a sweats type of gal, find a matching set that fits well in a beautiful color. While you don’t need to shell out the big bucks on a pair of Lululemons or what’s on Nike’s ‘New’ page, you should definitely take some time finding some cute loungewear. This can be the difference between looking like you’ve stayed up for a week straight or like you’ve stepped out of a Free People catalog.

A trendy (and comfy) outfit that’s been dominating Instagram is the oversized tee and bike shorts combo. We all have those huge, cozy t-shirts that look like a dress when we wear them. The cute part about pairing them with biker shorts is that they peek out slightly from below your t-shirt, so it doesn’t look like you’re walking around pantless. Having some sort of ‘shorts’ on will make you feel dressed, but you won’t have to sacrifice the coziness of pajamas.

Our last wardrobe option is the crop top and palazzo pants outfit! Any simple crop top (or workout top) paired with some comfy, wide-legged pants will easily take you from bummy to boho. Even outside of quarantine, you’ll see many fashion bloggers rocking this outfit combo on bright sunny days.


Powder makeup

We know – putting something on your face? In this heat? In this quarantine?! But believe us when we say it’ll help boost your mood exponentially! Plus, don’t you miss getting dolled up to go out? We sure do! Here’s a quick & simple quarantine makeup look that won’t feel heavy on your face, but is Zoom conference call appropriate.

  • Fill in your brows. Brows are very important; they help frame your face. If you’re going to put on just one makeup product, we recommend using something for your brows!
  • Dab on a little concealer. If you’ve been struggling with your sleep schedule, chances are you need something to cover those dark circles. A little concealer under the eyes will brighten up your complexion and make you look alert & ready for that last minute conference call.
  • Swipe on some mascara. Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara. This will open up your eyes and bring some life into them. A little goes a long way!
  • Finish off with a quick lippie. Whether you’re a gloss gal or matte lip products are your best friend, adding a little color on to your lips will make a huge difference.

There you have it! A simple, fresh-faced makeup look that takes minimal effort and won’t leave you feeling cakey.


Messy bun

When was the last time you busted out the hair curler or straightener? We can’t remember, either. If leaving your hair down isn’t an option (or maybe it’s been a few days since your last hair wash), here are some quick & easy hairstyles:

  • Bring on the braids! Braids are simple, timeless, and are great for taming wild hair. Whether you decide on the classic French braid or you want to keep it low-maintenance and do two easy split braids, they’ll have you looking presentable! 
  • Pop on some headwear. Wearing a hair scarf, a headband, or even a cute hat will hide your greasy roots and pull your cozy look together!
  • Buns, hun! Low buns, high buns, messy buns – you can’t go wrong. To amp up the look a little bit more, add a fun hair clip or use an extra cute scrunchie to keep your bun in place.


Cozy bedroom with plants

Lastly, here are some tips for making your space a little more cozy, while upping the cute factor!

  • Light a candle. The easiest way to cozy up your home is with your favorite candle. Not only does it add to the overall aesthetic, but the lingering fragrance that fills your house will make spending time at home more enjoyable. 
  • Buy some fresh flowers & plants to display in your house. Adding some lush greenery will brighten your surroundings and clean the air around you! If you’re not sure what kind of plants to start off with, check out our previous post on the easiest houseplants to grow!
  • Play some ambient sounds in the background. Our personal favorite is ocean waves, but Spotify & YouTube have everything from soft rain, sounds of the rainforest, and even white noise!

Cozy, Cute, COMFY!

Woman holding cup of coffee

You can have it all! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 😉

What are some things you’ve been doing to make yourself and your home feel cute, but comfortable? Let us know in the comments!

From all of us at Modern Gents, we hope you enjoyed this blog post and we are wishing you health & prosperity during these difficult times. Thank you for all of the support you’ve shown us, whether you were here from the beginning or you just followed our IG page yesterday – we greatly appreciate it.

See you in the next post!


  • Alyssa

    These tips will help me with my meetings. Especially the hair tips. Thanks!!