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Useful & Affordable Graduation Gifts

Caps off! Graduation season is here!

What do you get someone who’s completed such a grand milestone in their life? Whether they’re leaving high school and pursuing higher education, or they’ve finished up their four years at a university and are venturing into adulthood, graduation should be celebrated at every level.

Flowers? Candies? A gift card, perhaps? If none of these seem special enough for your graduate, check out these beautiful (and affordable!) gifts instead:

Let them shine with a beautiful necklace

The Lily necklace in rose gold

Necklace: The Lily

If gifting jewelry is something you want to do but feel a little overwhelmed doing, necklaces are a great piece to consider. For one, you don’t need to really size them like rings and the graduate doesn’t need to have piercings like with earrings. Simple necklaces are fantastic for everyday wear while slightly more intricate pieces are perfect for the nights that require a little extra shine! Check out some affordable options here.

...or block out the sun with some high-quality shades.


What’s one thing everyone loves? Sunglasses! However, too many of us are owners of poorly made sunglasses that do little to protect our eyes and get scratched at the first drop. A pair of sunglasses like Ray Bans are a great gift that your graduate will appreciate and get a lot of use out of!

Rev up their morning engine with a cold brew coffee maker

Unique coffee maker

Whether they’re pursuing higher education or into the working world, they’re going to need coffee (and lots of it). Instead of getting them a Nespresso or a Keurig which wastes a ton of plastic, consider giving them a cold brew coffee maker! It’ll save them from spending money on that daily latte and they can experiment with different brews.

Help them conquer a dressy night out in a pair of diamond earrings

The Ritz earrings

Earrings: The Ritz

Something that will never go out of style are a pair of diamond studs! Don’t worry, you don’t need to burn a hole in your wallet in order to surprise your graduate. High quality simulated diamond studs like The Ritz are beautiful, timeless, and shine like real diamonds. Best part? They won’t turn your skin green and they’re incredibly affordable. Browse more options here!

...and end the night snuggled comfortably in a weighted blanket.

Labrador retriever under blanket

Blankets and throws have been a popular gift for years, but try this new twist on a classic present! A weighted blanket helps with insomnia, stress, and anxiety: which your new grad may very well have as they enter this next chapter in their life. Help them get a good night’s rest with this cozy gift.

Previous grads, what are some of the best gifts you've received? Let us know in the comments below! 🎓✨