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Valentine’s Day Gifts to Enjoy Together

February 13, 2019

Valentine’s Day Gifts to Enjoy Together

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating our love for that special someone; so why do we choose gifts that only one person can enjoy? Forget the flowers, chocolates, and expensive jewelry. Here are gifts that bring couples closer:

Cooking Class

The couple that cooks together, stays together. Cooking with another person teaches you how to better communicate, how to work as a team, and it offers a sense of accomplishment - after all, you’re turning a random assortment of ingredients into a masterpiece meal! Participating in a cooking class gives you a structured environment to first put these benefits into practice and lays the groundwork for what you can do at home. Can you say weekly date night idea?


But not necessarily to a lavish resort or faraway city. If you can afford to put together the ultimate vacation, have at it! But if you’re working with a budget, a vacation can be as simple as staying in a Bed & Breakfast the next town over, or planning a camping trip at a nearby National Park.

Bath and Body Products

Everyone loves to be pampered. Put together a basket of body oils, face masks, bubble bath, and some scented candles. Products for him and her should be included! Pick a day to try them all out, and spend that time making her feel beautiful and him feel handsome. Bonus if you learn a few massage techniques. Who says men can’t have a spa day? 


Matching PJ’s/Lingerie

Image Credit: Mia Mia Mine

You know all those cute Instagram photos of couples in matching PJ’s and slippers snuggling together in front of the TV? That could be you! Pop in a movie (a classic romance featuring Audrey Hepburn or Cary Grant is always an excellent choice) and relax in the comfort of your cozy pajamas.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more grown-up version, some fancy lingerie will always do the trick.


Video Game or Book

The point here is to pick something you can experience together, whether you’re the type of couple that bonds over head-shotting zombies or would prefer to discuss the ramifications of a character’s choice in a novel. Video games give us a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie, while books expose us to new ideas, lifestyles, and ways of viewing the world. 

Love shouldn’t be celebrated once a year - it should be clearly demonstrated every day of your life! Let Valentine’s Day present you with the opportunity to show more love not only on the day of, but the days after, too. And choosing gifts for two is the perfect way to do just that 💘

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