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Some people look at Valentine’s Day like a wild beast preparing to attack: with fear and a hint of confusion. This discomfort usually springs from the expectations associated with the day. The perfect date night! The best gift! The biggest bouquet of roses! But why all the pressure and complication? You don’t have to choose the most expensive or unique gift to show someone you love them. Valentine’s Day gifts are meant to be tokens of appreciation for the ones we love. So, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, let’s revisit some of the classic gifts for the day of love and see how we can give them new life.


Woman posing with jewelry

Rings: The Lovely, The Eternity
Necklaces: The Kali, The Celine

It’s the classic choice, and the one that scares men the most. Jewelry? Like, diamonds and wedding rings and 24 karat gold? Stop freaking out, because you don’t have to go that direction just yet. First, if you’re not ready to propose, don’t let the day pressure you into it. And if you are ready but the number of zeroes on the end of all the rings you’ve looked at is giving you nightmares, there are alternatives.

Woman posing with jewelry

Ring: The Grace
Necklace: The Harmony
Bracelet: The Nova

Modern Gents not only offers elegant, affordable wedding rings, but also jewelry. Rose gold heart earrings, sophisticated faux pearls, and simulated diamond-by-the-yard necklaces all make for the perfect gifts that won’t break your budget.


Couple holding hands

Rings: The Bliss set

Flowers have become such a staple of Valentine’s Day that most don’t even think twice about getting a dozen roses or another beautiful bouquet. What if you’re tired of the same old, same old though? Here’s a thought: what about a living plant? Sure, flowers are romantic, but they also die rather quickly. Buy a plant that will last at least as long as your relationship, but just make sure that it’s not the type to require excessive care. Peace lilies, lavender, and succulents are some of the easiest plants to grow and keep alive.

Couple holding roses

Ring: The Sweetheart
Bracelet: The Hope

Chocolates & Candy

Gemstone ring placed on heart candy

Ring: The Halo Pink Sapphire

If your special someone is a chocoholic or has a sweet tooth, don’t even think twice. Get them chocolate, and lots of it. You could go to any old store and grab a box of truffles, but why not take the time to put a little more thought into it? Some candy companies, such as the makers of M&M’s, offer personalization options.

Gemstone ring standing on heart candy

Ring: The Halo Ruby

At-home Date Night

Couple playing video games

Rings: The Evermore, The Valyrian

Sometimes, the best gifts aren’t tangible. A unique and romantic gift idea that many overlook is a fully planned date night, but not to a fancy restaurant or expensive event. If you’re the type of couple who doesn’t get enough time together, or just can’t get enough of one another, an at-home date night is special. You can put together an itinerary of the evening to give to your sweetheart, then pick a date in the future that you both can look forward to. This is a flexible gift that allows you to go as extravagant or simple as you want.

Man holding fiancée's hand

Ring: The Belle

When you’re looking for gifts, remember that what you’re buying isn’t a material object. You’re buying a symbol of affection, and as long as you’re giving the gift out the love in your heart and show your appreciation the rest of the year, every gift is perfect for Valentine’s Day.