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Vintage Inspired Rings for the Classic Bride
Our hectic modern world of crazy tech, fast-paced lifestyles, and complicated courtship makes us, on occasion, yearn for simpler days. Like characters in an old black and white film, we long to glide gracefully through life and embrace the eras of elegance and class. While we can’t deny the benefits of living in our modern age, there’s nothing wrong with glancing back at the times we now call “vintage” and bringing some of the values and styles into the present. Our newest vintage-inspired rings, The Victoria and The Grace, aim to do just that.

The Victoria

Woman's left hand wearing The Victoria on ring finger

Queen Victoria, the namesake of the Victorian Age, was the longest reigning British monarch until Elizabeth II, the current Queen, surpassed her. She is remembered as regal, passionate, and thoroughly “queenly” - just like this ring. Distinguished by a majestic 1.5 carat marquise cut halo stone, The Victoria inspires all the elegance and polish of royalty. A beautiful twisting band adds to the stunning intricacy of such a classic cut.

The Grace

Woman's left hand wearing The Grace on ring finger

When you hear the name “Grace” and the word “classy,” who comes to mind? The iconic Grace Kelly, who still inspires awe to this day, represents the epitome of class. A symbol of old Hollywood who later became Princess of Monaco, she impressed the world with her superb acting ability as well as her signature style of sophistication. Our 1.5 carat round halo cut ring, The Grace, takes cues from old Hollywood glam to present a ring that’s as classic as it is chic. Like The Victoria, The Grace features a twisting band that makes a timeless statement. 

Vintage doesn’t mean old, worn out, or forgotten. There’s an enduring quality to what we label as vintage that keeps it relevant even when the world changes dramatically. Our vintage-inspired rings offer a link to the past and allow the wearer to enjoy the elegance of eras gone by without the need to leave the modern world behind.