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What to Do When You

Most couples agree that wedding planning is the most stressful thing they’ve ever had to do.

Job interviews? A cinch. Picking out a cake, making a guest list, and calling dozens of vendors? Cue the smoke coming out of ears and bags under eyes. It really comes down to the details. There’s so much to remember, so much to take care of, and it all has to be done by a certain date. When you’re at the point you want to tear your hair out and you don’t think you can look at another flower arrangement, here are some ways to take a step back and bring a little peace into the process.

Take a Break

Woman relaxing in hammock

That’s it. It can be as simple as that. Just stop planning for a bit. Put down the schedules, close all the windows on your computer that are wedding related, and don’t even think about calling any vendors. Do something that you haven’t had time for in a while, or just something to take your mind off planning. Go to a movie, read, play some video games...whatever helps you relax, do it.

Go Away for the Weekend

Woman looking over a city view

There’s nothing like a mini vacation to help you refresh and reset. Get some quality time with your future spouse by booking a hotel in a nearby city, heading up to the mountains to camp, or even renting a nice place in your city to play the tourist. You don’t have to spend a lot of money (which is a precious resource when you’re planning a wedding), but give yourself permission to have a little fun.

Get Some Exercise

Couple running on beach for exercise

When you’re feeling frustrated, nothing helps you get that excess nervous energy out like exercise. The key here is to choose something you really like. If you’re not into running, now isn’t the time to force yourself to hop on a treadmill. If lifting weights bores you to death, ditch the gym. Maybe you want to go paddle boarding, or play a sport, or get a punching bag? If it gets your heart rate up and brings a smile to your face, it’s working.

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Woman receiving a spa treatment

Nothing says relaxing like a trip to the spa. Everyone needs to be pampered now and then (even you grooms-to-be). Go in for a facial, get a massage, or maybe something as simple as a pedicure. Sure, you’ll be doing some of this before your wedding, but who says you can’t have a test run? If your partner is willing, you can even schedule a couple’s massage!

Make a Priority List

Woman writing in notebook

Now that you’ve let off some steam and relaxed, it’s time to reassess the way you’re planning so the cycle of stress doesn’t continue. Which part of planning is stressing you out the most? For many couples, the problem lies in the number of tiny details that have to be taken care of. So, instead of letting them overwhelm you, take some time to make a list and prioritize everything that needs to get done and in what order. Assign number values that signify priority (1 being top priority and 10 being not important), and set aside anything that scores below a 4. Then tackle that list one by one, and delegate wherever you can. Instead of having a whopping pile of tasks, you’ll have an organized overview of what the next few weeks or months will look like.

Don’t let the stress of wedding planning distract you from the big picture. All of this planning and worrying will be worth it in the end, as long as you recognize that the years after the wedding are far more important than the months before it.

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The Forever, The Chloe, The Giselle, The Mia

Rings: The Forever, The Chloe, The Giselle, The Mia

Happy wedding planning! 💕👰